Selling your own merchandise online is a terrific way to make some extra cash.

This method of income-earning involves producing merchandise that your fans are interested in that also serves as a creative outlet and side gig.

In our post, we’ll go over everything from famous streamer merch to how to make your branded items.

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What are the Benefits of Selling Merch? 

Idea #1: Omi Short Sleeve Tee

Idea #2: Unisex Ballcap

Idea #3: Unisex Spire Knit Toque

Idea #4: U-PLEATED Eco Mask

Idea #5: Full-Color Socks

Idea #6: Mouse Pad with Coating

Idea #7: Lexicon Sport Duffel

Create Your Own Branded Twitch Merch in 3 Steps

What are the Benefits of Selling Merch?

Selling merchandise is an excellent way to set yourself apart from other streamers and has many advantages.

Here are the benefits:

1. Raise brand awareness

By selling merch, you’re making more people aware of your brand. 

In other words, promoting your brand through selling merchandise is a great way to reach your target audience and market on a regular basis – whether you’re streaming at the time or not!

In business, brand awareness is essential. 

When you brand your products, you make them visible and accessible to the public. 

Therefore, whether they realize it or not, people who see your merch are continuously reminded of your image and logo. 

Any other individual who comes into contact with folks that are sporting your branded items will also notice your brand.

This has a favorable effect on the sales revenue and profitability of your channel.

2. Connect with your audience

Keeping your audience engaged is one approach to retaining their interest in your channel and other online content.

Generally, people who own branded products can interact with new and existing viewers who have already purchased their branded items.

Hence, you can take your merch or apparel as a chance to create a space of belonging and connect with your community members.

Streamers and viewers like to feel like they’re part of something bigger, and items with your logo can bring that to life.

3. Open an additional revenue stream

Streamers that offer branded products can develop new revenue sources for themselves in addition to their regular revenue streams through subscriptions, bits, cheers, and more.

However, streamers should keep the cost of creating branded items low to generate a healthy profit margin.

One should consider diversifying the branded products they offer buyers, as various customers have varied preferences. 

For example, you can market magnets, bottle openers, T-shirts, backpacks, and keychains. 

By diversifying, you will increase your chances of selling a brand product to each consumer since everyone can discover something they enjoy.

Idea #1:  Omi Short Sleeve Tee

T-shirts are great merchandise items for anyone and a must-add to any merch store.  You can easily customize T-shirts to include your name, image, logo, and streamer name.

The Omi short sleeve tech tee you see below is a comfortable piece of clothing with a flexible appearance made from a 100% micro polyester interlock knit fabric.

The fabric provides outstanding value since it is snag-free, wicks moisture away, and has built-in UV protection.

VanossGaming Neon Arcade Tee

Popular YouTuber VanossGaming is renowned for his superb editing abilities and a sardonic sense of humor.

His gaming content includes collections of “funny moments” from several video games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod, the Call of Duty series, and many more.

In addition, most of his streams show him playing with pals in multiplayer mode.

One of the fastest-growing YouTube channels, Vanoss is presently the 13th most subscribed to and 32nd most watched channel, with over 600 videos already published.

When it comes to subscriptions, views, and revenue, VanossGaming has achieved some very impressive stats.

Image Source:  Vanoss

VanossGaming has his own high-quality merch online store, which includes a lot of men’s and women’s apparel choices (just like the unisex neon arcade tee you can see in the above image).

Idea #2: Unisex Ballcap

Unisex ballcaps are easily customizable and make great canvases for all sorts of prints and colors, also perfectly showcasing your logo at the front and center of it.

The Dominate cap (shown above) comes in 12 colors, so there is one to suit every purpose and preference.

Its unisex design includes a pre-curved peak, a snapback clasp, and a semi-structured crown. 

Additionally, it provides remarkable design capabilities with a constant heat transfer since there is no seam along the front, keeping its wearer cool at all times.

DanTDM Space Doodles Snapback Mesh Cap

Daniel Robert “Dan” Middleton -also known online as DanTDM (short for Dan The Diamond) – is a Twitch streamer who is most known for his Minecraft gaming series and playing other video games like Fortnite, Sonic, and Pokémon. 

His merch store includes adult, and even kid items, such as apparel.

In addition, he has a “Winter specials’’ section that includes hoodies, scarves, and beanies, all covered in his branding.

Image Source: dantdmshop

The mesh back snapback cap with space doodles by DanTDM is one of the coolest items in his store.

Patterned with planets, rockets, aliens, spacecraft, and stars, the authentic DanTDM logo label on the back completes the look (and helps every person looking at his apparel identify who the creator is).

Idea #3: Unisex Spire Knit Toque

This 100% acrylic chunky rib knit beanie has an internal microfleece band lining to keep your ears warm on even the coldest days. 

The Spire Knit beanie is made of anti-pill microfleece and has forehead darts for a tailored fit and to keep this hat looking fresh.

Teddy Fresh Vintage Striped Beanie

The famous YouTube pair behind h3h3Productions have just launched a business that is influenced by children’s apparel and high-fashion designs in a creative meld.

Teddy Fresh employs bright colors and charming artwork in order to create a distinct aesthetic that competes with high-fashion companies who dare to play with more kid-like themes.

And this beanie you see below is no exception.

Image Source: Teddy Fresh

The double-layered beanie is made of 100% acrylic and looks super stylish. This one in particular is a great example of how you can play around with colors and your logo to create headwear apparel.

Idea #4: U-PLEATED Eco Mask

The unisex eco mask is a high-quality and environmentally friendly mask that will keep your staff, customers, and yourself safe in public. With many places requiring you to wear masks indoors and so many people choosing to wear them for comfortability, this is a great branded item to consider selling.

This washable and reusable mask is designed for long-term usage. 

To offer protection, the eco mask includes a two-layer design and a filter pocket, with filters sold separately.

Also, its complete knit construction and elastic ear loops allow for a variable, customizable fit on your face, making it an ideal product for just about anybody.

VanossGaming ALRIGHT! Face Mask

VanossGaming features a reusable face mask on his merch store.

Image Source:  Vanoss

The mask is made of 100% cotton and has elastic ear loops for a comfortable fit.

Idea #5: Full-Color Socks

Unisex tube socks are white at first and then are dye-sublimated with your custom logo, resulting in a fashionable, relaxed, and vibrant full-color accessory. Fun branded socks are a great way to show off your branding and entice people to purchase them.

These socks can also rock any design at the front or the back.

Tsuki Mischief Socks

PewDiePie and his partner, Marzia, created a simple unisex brand called Tsuki. 

Tsuki is Japanese for “moon” and was inspired by PewDiePie’s interest in Japanese culture.

Their items are also cruelty-free and created ethically! This is an important feature for many buyers these days, so being able to create merchandise that is not only fashionable and functional, but also eco-friendly, will surely result in increased sales for your business and brand.

Image Source: Tsuki

Tsuki features these far-from-boring socks on their merchandise store.

Idea #6: Mouse Pad with Coating

The mouse pad in this photo has a top layer that is constructed of polyester, featuring an antibacterial agent to inhibit germ growth. This is a great selling point (and having a branded mouse pad will easily remind your viewers about you when they’re using their computer, making it a great merchandise item).

The mouse pad also comes with a non-slip rubber base that secures it to your desk, making it even more functional.

Ali-A Mouse Mat

A gaming superstar now holds the Guinness World Record for Most Popular Call of Duty Channel in terms of both views and subscribers.

Said gaming superstar Ali-A has chosen some simple designs, such as the mouse mat seen below.

Image Source: Ali-A Shop

His branded items have an overlay of his emblem imprinted on the front, which is a sleek, simple design that makes it versatile for many fans.

Idea #7: Lexicon Sport Duffel

The Lexicon sport duffel is ideal for the gym or your next yoga session.

It has a spacious main compartment, a mesh front pocket, an internal bottle sleeve, and other cool features.

PewDiePie Ferrikusu (felix) Duffle Bag

The most popular gaming YouTuber of all time, PewDiePie has over 100 million followers and has set countless milestones while cementing his place in YouTube history.

His gamer merchandise store is fantastic regarding how everything is put up and how easy it is to explore.

Image Source: Represent

He offers a diverse range of products with some eye-catching designs, and the duffel bag we have here is nothing if not highly unique!

Create Your Own Branded Twitch Merch in 3 Steps

Viewers love to show off who their favorite streamers are by wearing their merchandise, which has become a significant aspect of the live streaming scene. It also makes for a great stream (no pun intended) of income.

So, if you have a fair-sized fan base, you should start selling merch.

But where do you begin?

There are various methods for creating and merchandising, but most streamers prefer launching a print-on-demand company since it is much more cost-effective.

Below, we’ve put together three simple steps that will make the process of creating your own streamer merchandise fast and easy.

Step #1: Design your merch

Using Canva software to compile your images is a great way to start.

If you’re new to graphic design, the app is an excellent tool because it’s extremely user-friendly and is free to use (with additional premium features at a cost).

Additionally, you can utilize Shopify’s free logo creator to create fully customized designs that you can use for anything, including your merch designs.

Other options include a free editor like GIMP or Paint.NET, an iPad app like ProCreate, or even Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Consider words or pictures that commonly occur in your stream as you create your design, and consider how you’ve designed your channel’s qualities (such as the boxes and frames in your About section).

Moreover, maintaining a constant aesthetic will give your merchandise a more personal sense.

Step #2: Source your merch 

Using a print-on-demand service is the most straightforward strategy when you’re initially starting out with your items.

With print-on-demand, you submit your design to a provider and choose which products you want (such as t-shirts, sweaters, beanies, hoodies, mugs, mouse pads, tumblers, phone cases, and more).

The printer then gathers your orders, takes care of production, and fulfills the delivery of your items.

Popular print-on-demand businesses include Gelato, Teespring, Printify, and other companies.

For instance, Gelato provides complete content and print management for multi-office and/or multi-national businesses that require printing. Gelato users simply submit their designs and place their orders.

The order is then routed to the nearest print part via Gelato’s algorithms.

When it comes to Teespring, it’s a verticalized commerce platform that covers the whole supply chain from product conception through delivery and ultimately to the client (including design, customer support, and fulfillment). 

Also, Teespring is a free end-to-end e-commerce system that provides a risk-free turn-key solution for operating your commerce company.

Adding to the above-mentioned, our SwagDrop services include our swag pack builder and pop-up shop option.

Our swag pack builder lets you choose from a variety of merchandise items and upload your order to see what it looks like.

Then, we send you full mock-ups so you can approve of how the items look before you complete your purchase. 

For the pop-up shop, you get to build your own merchandise store with us, combining orders from shoppers that you get to approve first.

Furthermore, don’t forget to evaluate your supplier options, consider your size range, and decide if you intend to sell anything other than clothing, such as accessories or home-related goods.

At SwagDrop, we offer tailored brand merchandise advice and source swag for bigger audiences. 

You can also order samples to check the quality yourself.

Step #3: Promote your merch

Wearing your merch while streaming is the easiest way to advertise it.

In addition, getting other streamers to wear your clothing is another great way to advertise your brand and items.

For example, you can organize a merchandise exchange with friends, fellow content creators, followers, and Twitch partners to show your support for one another.

Another excellent option is to include your merchandise in your About section.

People will seek ways to support you in the “About” part of your broadcasts and videos. 

This is where streamers may post a donation link or connections to other social media, as well as a link to their merchandise.

Now Over to You

Using merch to profit on and expand your social media following can be a lot of fun, even if you don’t have a great number of followers.

Yet, selling merchandise might still bring you a sizable profit. 

Moreover, even when most online merchandise shops do most of the work for you, marketing your merchandise could take a little longer.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or want to explore any brand item options.

We can’t wait to see your messages!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hoodies and t-shirts are unquestionably the most popular types of Twitch merch, not just because they’re relatively simple to buy in huge numbers for the Twitch logo print on demand, but also because the sizes are about the same across various clothing brands.

Some popular Twitch streamers that have merch include:

  • Luis Fernando Alvarado (Fernanfloo)
  • Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) 
  • Tom Cassell (Syndicate) 
  • Evan Fong (VanossGaming)
  • Rubén Doblas Gundersen (Elrubius)

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