Promotional Products Ottawa, Ontario

Looking for thoughtful promotional products in Ottawa, Ontario? Our team is here to make this process hassle-free for you.

How to Order Promotional Products in Ottawa, Ontario

On our SwagDrop platform, we give you several available options to choose from:

Then, you can check several items and categories of your liking: water bottles, t-shirts, backpacks, coolers, headgear, hoodies, drawstring bags, visors, vests, and many more high-quality promo items always ready for screen printing.

Next, add the required quantity to your cart and go to the checkout page.

Now comes the fun part!

You’ll be able to upload your company logo and check how your business gifts look, so make sure you unleash your creativity.

Our graphic design teams work on your promo products to provide you with detailed mockups that allow you to approve the designs before production starts.

We understand that your giveaways represent you and your business, so we believe that you must approve the products before committing to buy them.

What Are Some Great Promotional Products I Could Order?

We have everything you need!

Our gift categories consist of:

  • Customized workwear (such as sweaters, hoodies, tees, jackets, sportswear, beanies, and headgear)
  • Branded drinkware (such as coffee mugs, travel mugs, reusable water bottles, and tumblers)
  • Wellness gifts (such as face-mask gift sets, scented candles, plant-growth kits, and stress-reliever gift baskets)

We also offer other categories and high-quality promotional products such as flashlights, tote bags, keychains, lanyards, and other cool items for you to pick from.

We’re always working towards adding new products to stay fresh and see off the competition.

What Time of Year Should I Order Promotional Products?

Promotional products have no expiry date!

Feel free to get gifts for all of your employees and business partners anytime, any day, to strengthen your relationships.

Our wide range of products works well for:

  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Employee appreciation events
  • Onboarding programs
  • Holidays and Christmas time

You’ll never run out of ideas!

More Locations near Ottawa, Ontario

Are you located near Ottawa and looking for a swag supplier? We’re here to help as we believe in flexibility and offer our products no matter your location.


Kingston is located in eastern Ontario at the confluence of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, approximately 200 kilometres from Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, about 250 kilometres from our provincial capital of Toronto, and around 300 kilometres from Montréal, Québec.

If you are within this city, feel free to hit us anytime to get your hands on the best corporate gifts.

Kingston Postal Codes:
K7K – K7L – K7M – K7P


This vibrant city is situated on the picturesque beaches of Lake Ontario, within easy driving distance of Toronto, Ottawa, and Montréal, in the heart of eastern Ontario.

Kingston’s high quality of life provides access to world-class research and education organizations, with a stable and diversified economic system that includes global corporations, innovative startups, and all levels of government.

The city always has excellent business opportunities, and with that comes great swag options.

Brockville Postal Codes:
K6T – K6V


Gatineau is located in the lovely Outaouais region of the province of Québec.

Gatineau is fortunate to be so near to the Canadian capital, Ottawa.

It also has one of the most beautiful parks in North America and Canada’s most famous museums.

If you happen to need a helping hand with any promo item options, we’re more than happy to help if you’re within the area.

Gatineau Postal Codes:
J8P – J8R – J8T – J8V


Kanata is one of Ottawa’s major suburbs, located around 22 kilometres west of the city’s core.

As of 2016, Kanata’s population was 90,806 and quickly increasing. Before its amalgamation with Ottawa in 2001, it was one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada and one of the fastest-growing communities in Eastern Ontario.

In addition, it’s a planned neighbourhood and a significant high-tech hub, commonly known as Silicon Valley North.

The city has so much to offer regarding business and we can’t wait to supply swag to existing and new corporations.

Kanata Postal Codes:
K2K – K2L – K2M – K2T – K2V – K2W

Promotional Product FAQs

We ship our corporate gifts and promo items from the city of Toronto when they are ordered from anywhere in Canada.
The arrival time always depends on how large your order is and the type of product, so for the most part, expect to receive your order within two to three weeks.
Our design team always sends a branded mockup of your desired items to ensure that you like them before proceeding with any payment, so you’ll never have to worry about this part of the process.
You can order promotional products from drinkware, apparel, tech items, travel swag, healthcare products, branded bags, and many more.
Yes, you can always stay in touch with us, and we’ll help you with any questions and guide you through your order process.

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