Podcast Merch: 22 Ideas to Monetize Your Podcast [in 2023]

We’ve put together a list of the most prominent 22 podcast merch ideas to help you monetize your podcast.  Here […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

We’ve put together a list of the most prominent 22 podcast merch ideas to help you monetize your podcast. 

Here are some of the ideas you’ll find in this list:

  • Beanies
  • Posters
  • Slides
  • Tees

To mention just a few. 

What’s more, you’ll find examples of popular and successful podcasts that are already using podcast merch to monetize their audience. 

Ready? Let’s get started.

Podcast Merch: 22 Ideas to Monetize Your Podcast [in 2023]

Idea #1: T-Shirts

Idea #2: Limited Edition Apparel

Idea #3: Hoodies and Sweaters

Idea #4: Stickers

Idea #5: Tote Bag

Idea #6: Clothing for Kids and Toddlers

Idea #7: Eco-Friendly Swag

Idea #8: Slides

Idea #9: Home Decor

Idea #10: Poster

Idea #11: Socks

Idea #12: Sneakers

Idea #13: Backpacks and Fanny Packs

Idea #14: Water Bottle 

Idea #15: Beanie

Idea #16: Face Mask

Idea #17: Drinkware

Idea #18: Mug

Idea #19: Laptop Sleeve

Idea #20: Pins

Idea #21: Phone Case

Idea #22: Hat

Podcast Merch Idea #1: T-Shirt

We’re kicking off this list of podcast swag with a piece of swag that all podcast hosts and teams out there are creating for their fans. 

The tee is an item that all podcast merch stores are currently selling. 

This might make you think; since everyone sells t-shirts, why should I do it, too?

That’s exactly the point. 

Everyone creates and sells cool tees for their fans!

That’s why you should totally give your fans the opportunity to wear a piece of swag from their favorite show. 

Let’s have a look at the following examples of podcasts that sell t-shirts on their merchandise stores. 

Check out our first example. 

Example #1: The Daily Podcast

The Daily, a New York Times podcast phenomenon that talks about news and politics.

The podcast is hosted by Michael Barbaro. 

Here’s the podcast’s signature branded tee:

Example #2: The Lupe and Royce Show 

The Lupe and Royce Show is a weekly show that focuses on various and diverse conversations. 

Here are three different versions of the t-shirt that feature the show’s logo as well as the protagonists. 

Image Source: SayWhat.Media

Example #3: Personal Record Podcast

The Personal Record Podcast is basically a podcast examining, in their own words, “why runners run” and is hosted by Tim Clarke. 

In terms of whether they sell merch or not – fans can buy this cute and simple ‘Pain is a Process’ t-shirt. 

What’s our next podcast merch idea is going to be?

Let’s move on.

Podcast Merch Idea #2: Limited Edition Apparel

Creating limited edition and collectors’ swag pieces is a fantastic way to monetize your podcast. 

Fans are always excited to own limited edition objects, from ornaments to apparel, from their favorite brands and shows.

The same applies to podcasts and any other kind of show really.  

Creating limited or festive editions for your podcast merch can help you raise awareness of your show as well as keep your audience engaged. 

Here are two fabulous examples. 

Example #1: Food 4 Thot Podcast  

The Food 4 Thot Podcast is a queer show that talks about identity, relationships, sex, race, and much more. 

Although they don’t have an official merchandise store, the team did a collaboration with activist brand Greenbox Shop and released some tees for Pride a few years ago. 

There you go:

Image Source: Twitter

Example #2: Crime Junkie Podcast

The Crime Junkie podcast is a suspenseful true crime podcast, like the well known Murderino podcast, that’s based on storytelling. 

The Crime Junkie team particularly focuses on providing their listeners with swag that’s unique and exclusive. 

Their storefront will make this very clear:

Author’s Tip: You should consider informing your listeners about exclusive offers, limited editions of merch, and the latest arrivals to your merchandise shop through your newsletter. 

Let’s get to the next promotional product listeners will like to get from their favorite podcast. 

Podcast Merch Idea #3: Hoodies and Sweaters

Following up from the previously discussed promotional apparel options, a merchandise online store usually also sells hoodies, crewnecks, and sweatshirts

Hoodies and other pieces of clothing are among the most popular when it comes to podcast swag because they give fans the opportunity to not only own a piece of their favorite show, but also be able to show it to others when wearing it. 

Clothing is a very important medium through which people express themselves and their personal interests and style. 

That’s why we think podcasters should definitely be investing in providing their listeners with apparel that’ll allow them to express themselves and show off a thing or two about what they do in their spare time. 

Which, in this case, is listening to your podcast. 

Like we did with other list items, let’s have a look at an example. 

Example #1: My Favorite Murder Podcast

My Favorite Murder (MFM) podcast is a bi-weekly comedy show that covers true crime stories.

The show’s hosts are Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, American comedians. 

Here’s what their swag looks like:

Moving on to our forth podcast merch idea. 

Podcast Merch Idea #4: Stickers 

Stickers, like other accessories and miscellaneous items we’re going to mention later down the road, can be fabulous little items that creators can easily make and fans will be happy to get.

Stickers are inexpensive, lightweight, and can be customized to feature a podcast’s logo, a meme, some inside jokes, and so on and so forth.

Here are two podcasts that sell promotional stickers in their podcast merchandise stores. 

Example #1: D.R.E.A.M. Podcast 

The D.R.E.A.M. podcast, which stands for Disconnected Reality Exploration and Monitoring, is an experimental project that tests the human body’s ability within virtual reality environments. 

Their merch store only includes a t-shirt with the company logo and the sticker you can see below:

Image Source: Dream Podcast

Example #2: The Heart Podcast 

The Heart podcast is an audio art project exploring intimacy and humanity. 

In terms of where the listeners and supporters can find items created from the show’s team, there’s a designated landing page on the podcast website. 

The store includes a few swag must-haves like t-shirts, the stickers you can see here, and posters.

Image Source: The Heart Radio 

Author’s Tip: Given the fact that stickers are usually less expensive in terms of the production process than others swag items, you could give a few away for free to every member of your audience that makes a purchase from your podcast merch store. 

Let’s get to our next piece of swag.

Podcast Merch Idea #5: Tote Bag

If you’ve been reading our blog, you probably already know that we usually include the tote bag in our fabulous promotional products list posts. 

The reason for this is that the tote is practical and makes a great, sustainable alternative to the plastic bag. 

However, it’s not just us who are obsessed with the tote. 

In fact, there are some beautiful podcast merch tote bags from well-known podcasts and we’re going to show some of them to you. 

Have a look at the first example:

Example #1: True Consequences Podcast

The True Consequences podcast is a mystery and true crime show with stories and cases from New Mexico. 

Their swag is delightful and successfully captures the show’s aesthetic and sense of humor.

These are their tote bags:

Image Source: True Consequences 

Example #2: The Allusionist Podcast

Our second example is The Allusionist podcast. 

It’s a podcast about language that releases beautiful merchandise options for their fans. 

Have a look at the tote bag below:

Image Source: The Allusionist 

Looks pretty, doesn’t it?

We’re now moving on to the next merch idea.

Podcast Merch Idea #6: Clothing for Kids and Toddlers

When you’re about to create your swag for your podcast listeners, you should definitely keep in mind the importance of including the younger family members.

The reason for this is that, although kids and toddlers can’t really be the buyers, parents are always excited to dress the little ones with apparel from the brands and shows they love. 

We absolutely love the following two cute examples.

Example #1: Everything is Alive

The Everything is Alive show is a truly imaginative podcast. 

To be more precise, in every podcast episode, a different inanimate object tells listeners its life story.

Their black onesie is irresistible to the show’s fans.  

Image Source: Cotton Bureau

Example #2: Podcasting After Dark

Our second example comes from the Podcasting After Dark show. 

The show dives deep in the world of action movies from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Their swag totally matches the cult horror and action movies style they’re discussing. 

Image Source: Podcasting After Dark

Moving on.

Podcast Merch Idea #7: Eco-Friendly Swag

We’ve already established in our previous blog posts that eco-friendly promotional products are here to stay. 

That’s why we’re very pleased to suggest that podcast merch should include sustainable and eco-friendly choices, like the tote bag we saw  a little earlier and others that we’ll show you here. 

For example, it might be a bamboo lunch box that’ll make your fans happy!

Here’s a sustainable podcast merch product we’re totally into.  

Example #1: My Favorite Murder Podcast

We’ve already seen the My Favorite Murder hoodies ealrier in this psot. 

What fans can also find at the show’s merchandise store is this reusable straw kit:

Having such a straw kit is far more economical than using plastic straws and, most importantly, it’s far more sustainable. 

Overall, we think it’s really important that you offer your listeners some environmentally conscious swag options.

Let’s move to the next swag idea for a podcast.

Podcast Merch Idea #8: Slides

The eighth podcast merge idea we totally want to share with you is slides.

In one sentence, slides can be really cool, casual, and fashionable.

They might not be as popular a promotional product as others in this list, but we know you want to give your listeners something unique. 

Keep reading to see the pair of slides the Call Her Daddy podcast created for their fans. 

Example: Call Her Daddy Podcast 

Call Her Daddy is a comedy podcast that provides their listeners with sex advice. 

The podcast is hosted by Alexandra Cooper.

Their swag store offers a broad range of products, including the slides you can see right below:

We’re moving on to the next podcast merch idea.

Podcast Merch Idea #9: Home Decor

Most of the items we’ve seen already are to be worn or carried outdoors, right?

For that reason, in this section we’re focusing on types of objects that are to be kept indoors: home decor.

We think podcast teams – like companies when they create swag for their employees or promotional products for their most loyal clients – shouldn’t underestimate the fact that fans might want to have a piece of swag in their homes.

Let’s dive into two examples of successful podcasts that are offering home decor swag options. 

Example #1: Ologies Podcast

The Ologies podcast is a show based around science knowledge and interesting stories about ologist professionals. 

Their merchandise store is beautifully made, mostly including products that feature the podcast’s fabulous logo.

Here’s a teal pillow from the store:

Example #2: Twinnovation Podcast

Another example that offers home decor options to their podcast fans comes from the Twinnovation podcast merchandise store. 

Before you get to see their swag, we want to mention that the Twinnovation podcast, in their own words, “come up with true hustles and make billions so you don’t have to”. 

Their swag is humorous and lighthearted. 

Below is our next promotional product idea for podcast swag stores.

Podcast Merch Idea #10: Poster 

Younger audience might be more familiar with the idea of hanging a poster on their wall.

However, we cannot deny that, no matter the age, we all like to have items in our homes that remind us of the things we love. 

That’s why including poster options in your swag store is totally relevant.

Let’s have a look at an example of a podcast team that sells a catchphrase poster in their merch shop. 

Example: Good Christian Fun

Good Christian Fun is a comedy podcast where the two hosts, Kevin Porter and Caroline Ely, discuss the world of Chrisitan pop culture. 

They don’t have a wide range of swag, but they certainly have some old-time swag classics, like tees and the catchphrase poster you can see below:

Image Source: Good Christian Fun

Getting to the next one now.

Podcast Merch Idea #11: Socks

A pair of good quality, funny socks is always a good idea when it comes to promotional products.

What’s great about socks is that they can be so easily personalized. 

That’s why we’re very happy to show you the examples that follow.

Example #1: Gilmore Guys Podcast 

What the Gilmore Guys podcast does is that its podcasters break down every episode of the successful American series Gilmore Girls. 

Their swag is as funny and lighthearted as their episodes. 

Have a look at their unisex catchphrase socks that also feature graphics and inside jokes their listeners will be happy to have on their feet:

Example #2: The Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left (LPOTL) is a weekly podcast that’s hosted by longtime friends Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski. 

The podcast falls under a number of genres, such as dark comedy, horror, and  true crime.

Here’s a pair of their horror, Hallowe’en-like pair of socks. 

How about getting to the next idea, that’s definitely not one of the usual?

Podcast Merch Idea #12: Sneakers

Coming across promotional sneakers doesn’t happen that often.

However, if you’re willing to create fantastic, cool sneakers for your fans then you should definitely go for it and include them in your swag store.

Here’s how the Twinnovation podcast does it. 

Example: Twinnovation Podcast

We’ve already seen the Twinnovation throw pillows earlier in this post. 

We probably need to stress that their swag store is one of the most well-equipped and complete podcast merchandise stores we know of. 

They offer a truly wide range of promotional products that we’re sure their fans greatly appreciate. 

Let’s get to the next one.

Podcast Merch Idea #13: Backpacks and Fanny Packs

Who wouldn’t like to get a backpack, a duffel bag, or a fanny pack – or “bum bag” for our British readers – from their most favorite show’s online store, right? 

We think it’s a great idea because all these types of bags that can be customized and sold as promotional products are practical and can be used in so many different ways. 

Let’s have a look at a podcast that includes a really cool fanny bag in their swag store.

Example: Bodega Boys Podcast

The Bodega Boys podcast team released Desus and Mero official merch. 

The show’s hosts, Desus Nice and Kid Mero, talk about various and diverse topics, like sports and cryptocurrencies, all in relation to pop culture.

Here’s the Desus & Mero fanny pack: 

Image Source: ShowTime Store

Moving forward to our fourteenth podcast swag idea.

Podcast Merch Idea #14: Water Bottle

The water bottle couldn’t be missing from our list of podcast merch ideas to monetize your podcast.

The options in terms of personalization and customization of a reusable water bottle are endless.

Here’s an example:

Example: 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose Podcast

The show 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose is a hilarious comedy podcast from two black girls exploring and basically invading the, as they call it, “whitest show on Earth: the Bachelor”. 

Their promotional products are nice and simple while they feature some popular podcast catchphrases. 

This is one of the reusable stainless steel water bottles every 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose fan can get:

Keep reading to find yet another killer podcast merch idea we have for you so you can monetize your killer podcast. 

Podcast Merch Idea #15: Beanie

The beanie belongs to the category of promotional apparel accessories that are very popular and you can find in most merchandise stores out there.

Here’s our take:

Here’s an example of a promotional podcast beanie from a successful podcast. 

Example: Terrible, Thanks For Asking Podcast

The Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast is hosted by Nora McInerny. 

The very brave host goes into asking complicated and often hard questions in relation to people’s true feelings and how they’re really doing.

For that reason a Terrible, Thanks For Asking beanie might sometimes be exactly what one needs:

Image Source: Still Kickin

The following idea is a 2022 must-have accessory.

Podcast Merch Idea #16: Face Mask

Including a face mask in your merchandise store would probably not even have crossed your mind a few years ago.

However, given the pandemic we’re going through, companies and really anyone with a merchandise store should make sure to include a face mask or covering.

We’re showing you two examples of podcasts that we’ve already seen earlier in this post that include different versions of the face mask in their online stores. 

Example #1: Call Her Daddy Podcast

We’re looking at one more piece of swag from the Call her Daddy podcast swag. 

In fact, this is their promotional Call Her Daddy face masks collection:

Example #2: Terrible, Thanks For Asking Podcast

The Terrible, Thanks For Asking podcast also gives their fans the chance to grab a terrible, thanks for asking or a happyish holidays face mask. 

Image Source: Still Kickin

We’re moving towards the end of our list of twenty-two promotional products that can help you convert your podcast success.

Podcast Merch Idea #17: Drinkware

Drinkware is another very popular merchandise idea.

Podcasters should take advantage of the many different versions of customized and personalized drinkware they can create for their fans. 

Let’s have a look at an example.

Example: Not Another D&D Podcast 

The Not Another D&D podcast is an extremely successful play podcast. 

The show is about the adventures of legendary heroes who, as they say it, “screwed up the world as they were trying to save it”. 

Their shot glass you can see below must be a favorite with all their fans. 

Let’s get to the next one we want to share with you.

Podcast Merch Idea #18: Mug 

Following up from the drinkware we just saw, we’re now focusing on the mug.

The reason for this is that the mug, like other products in this list, is a very popular promotional product that the majority of merchandise stores make sure to include in their inventory. 

How about taking a look at an example?

Example: Wooden Overcoats Podcast

The Wooden Overcoats podcast is a hilarious sitcom. 

The show tells the story of Rudyard Funn who happily runs a funeral home when a competitor starts doing business in the island of Piffling. 

Their mugs are fun and simple, giving fans the opportunity to have some nice, funny lines from the show in their homes. 

There you go:

Image Source: Wooden Overcoats

We’re now going to get to the next swag idea in our list.

Podcast Merch Idea #19: Laptop Sleeve

No one can deny how useful and practical a laptop sleeve is. 

However, it’s not among the most popular swag ideas and we don’t really understand why.

That’s why we’re putting it in this list and telling you that it’s so easy to customize and feature your podcast logo or some of your most iconic graphics and lines on, so why not give it a try?

This example might convince you. 

Example: Podcasting After Dark

We’ve seen the Podcasting After Dark onesies a little further up.

 We’re now looking at the Podcasting After Dark laptop sleeve with their loud logo on it. 

Image Source: Podcasting After Dark

It looks great, doesn’t it?

Well, your logo can look as cool in a laptop sleeve. 

Plus, you’ll be making your fans extra happy!

Let’s see a few more products that you can include in your podcast merchandise store and monetize your podcast.

Podcast Merch Idea #20: Pins

Enamel pins might sound a bit old school but maybe that’s why fans love them so much. 

Especially when they are beautifully designed and feature a motto, quote, or a symbol that you feel some sort of connection to; the feeling of wearing such a pin on your clothes, bags, or shoes might mean the world to some people!

Here’s an example of the pins from the Not Another D&D Podcast (NADDPOD) swag collection. 

Example: Not Another D&D Podcast 

First things first, you already know what the Not Another D&D Podcast is about. 

What you may not know is that, among other great things, they’re also offering their audience a killer pin set that can make any NADDPOD enthusiast scream with happiness.  

These are their pins:

A cool pin set is something all podcasters could easily include in their merch store for their audience to buy. 

Let’s now move forward to our second to last podcast merch idea.

Podcast Merch Idea #21: Phone Case

Earlier in this post, we discussed the laptop sleeve as a podcast swag idea to monetize your podcast.

We’re now thinking of the phone case as yet another podcast promotional product idea that’ll be both useful and practical for your podcast listeners.

What’s more, a phone case, like many other products in this list, offers the creator endless options in terms of customization, colors, materials, and so on and so forth.

Here’s an example of various promotional phone cases from the Ologies podcast. 

Example: Ologies Podcast

As you can see in the snapshot below, the Ologies podcast offers their listeners many different options of phone cases depending on their color preferences and which phone model they own. 

The main idea of featuring the podcast logo remains the same in all of the different phone cases. 

Offering your audience a variety of options can, in fact, be as simple as changing the color and making sure to include options that’ll fit some of the most popular cell phones out there.  

Keep reading to find our final podcast merch idea as well as some answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Podcast Merch Idea #22: Hat

The last podcast merchandise idea we definitely wanted to share with you is the hat

A classic hat, like the ones shown above from our Swag Pack Builder, can be worn by people of all ages and in many different situations. 

Here’s a simple yet successful, in terms of promoting the podcast’s logo, example from a well-known podcast.  

Example: Spectacular Failures Podcast 

The host of the Spectacular Failures podcast, Lauren Ober, discusses some all-time spectacular business failures.  

The show’s swag is simple and clean while featuring the show’s logo. 

Have a look at their classic dad hat below:

Image Source: Public Media Market

Oh yes, swag can be as simple as that, while it also makes sure to promote your brand and podcast. 

A little further down, you can find some useful answers to some podcast swag frequently asked questions.

Now Over to You

There you have it. 

You now have a nice list of podcast merch ideas you can use to monetize your audience.

No one wants to be sales-y. 

But, you’ve worked hard on building your audience. 

Don’t you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts?

Besides, podcast merchandise can help you raise awareness and get more subscribers and frequent listeners for your podcast.

If you need help with choosing the right branded swag, we’re here to help. 

Just drop us a brief message below and we’ll come up with the best ideas for your podcast merch. 

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As you’ve seen already, there are many different options and variations when it comes to podcast promotional products. 

For that reason, we understand that the process of converting your podcast audience might seem a bit complicated. 

We’re giving you answers to your most frequently asked questions and, hopefully, we can help clear up any confusion. 

Q1. Where do I sell my podcast merch?

Podcasters can sell their podcast merch on different platforms and marketplaces, like Etsy, Redbubble, or Amazon. 

You can also consider creating your very own swag store and sell your merch from there. 

Q2. Should you invest in podcast merch?

Investing in podcast merch is definitely a yes!

Podcast merch is the most efficient route that your fans and listeners can take to support your podcast and your content as a whole. 

In other words, it’s a direct, efficient, and not-salesy-at-all way of monetizing your podcast. 

Q3. What can I use in my podcast merch design?

Your podcast merch design might involve your podcast logo, your podcast motto, or its title. 

Alternatively, you could print podcast merch with some of your podcast catchphrases and inside jokes that your fans will totally get. 

Q4. How can I use podcast merch to increase my revenue?

Podcast merch is used by podcasters as an additional revenue stream. 

Creating your own podcast merch store and selling products that promote your podcast can help you achieve increased revenues by:

  • Increasing your audience
  • Making money from selling the swag 

Q5. What are some good podcast merch ideas?

Some great podcast ideas are:

  • Phone case
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Apparel
  • Tote bag

Q6. Where can I find podcast merch?

Finding podcast merch is very easy. 

The only thing you need to do is to visit our Swag Pack Builder, choose the products you like the most, decide on the design you want the products to feature, and leave the rest to us. 

Featured image by Soundtrap on Unsplash.

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