22 Cool Office Supplies to Elevate Your Workspace (Ultimate List)

You’ll have come across plenty of lists of interesting office supplies and tools before, but this isn’t just any list. […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

You’ll have come across plenty of lists of interesting office supplies and tools before, but this isn’t just any list.

Our mission is to make your workplace more productive and wholesome through the use of high-quality products.  

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of 22 cool office supplies and other practical tools. 

Our list includes:

  • A mini easel stand
  • A memo board
  • A cork frame
  • A table stand
  • A desk set

Plus, 17 more items that you’ll find extremely useful and exciting. 

Make sure to check out our list to enhance your work office space and make it a great place for your team. 

Table of Contents

Item #1: Mini Easel Stand

Item #2: Memo Board

Item #3: Cork Frame

Item #4: Tablet Stand

Item #5: Desk Set

Item #6: Spin-it Widget with Charging Cable

Item #7: Mini Desk Vacuum

Item #8: Cord Wrap

Item #9: Letter Opener

Item #10: Desk Accessories Tray

Item #11: Digital Clock

Item #12: Mini Stapler

Item #13: Hourglass

Item #14: Wireless Charging Pad

Item #15: Zippered Padfolio

Item #16: Handcraft Set

Item #17: Jotter

Item #18: Light Box

Item #19: Bookmark Pen

Item #20: Desktop Organizer Set

Item #21: Headphone Stand

Item #22: Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Item #1: Mini  Easel Stand

Mini easel stands are considered one of many cool office supplies; it’s thoughtful and looks super fun.

Easel stands make it simple to showcase your product and presentation slides. 

They support holding your sketching boards, writing pads, blackboards, whiteboards, or chalkboards in place and secure. 

If you’re looking for a mini one or a tripod, or a multifunctional stand to meet your needs; easel stands come in all shapes and sizes. 

Author’s Tip: You can get your stand made from different types of material. Choose from aluminum, steel, acrylic, iron, or hardwood for your stand.

Moving on to the memo board, which is super helpful for your workspace environment.

Item #2: Memo Board

The most typical use of a memo board in a modern office is to relay important information to employees. 

This can include everything from how to run a fire drill to who to call in the event of a crisis. 

You can even hang some motivational quotes on top to keep your workday full of positive vibes.

It can be challenging to find and reread this essential information if it’s communicated using current methods such as email.

Let’s check our next item.

Item #3: Cork Frame

An actual cork frame is nothing more than a framed piece of cork with either a wood or plastic backing. 

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Due to the cork’s ability to endure the pressure of pins and sticky notes, it’s commonly used as a bulletin board. 

In institutions, offices, and other places where people need to see information, these displays can come quite handy and in various shapes and sizes, which means that if you’re looking for a useful and thoughtful company swag item, you’ve just found it.

Moving forward to other cool office supplies. 

Item #4: Tablet Stand

In the workplace or the home office, a tablet stand is an ideal accessory to keep your eyes on your work.  

It has the same functionality as a laptop stand or a standing desk. 

A tablet stand is ideal for holding any piece of tech with a touchscreen. 

Plus, a  ballpoint pen is always handy when combined with a stylus pen to use with the tablet. 

Differences in laser imprint quality are possible according to the type of wood. 

Author’s Tip: You can check the different styles and colors of stands from PRG; you’re welcome to contact us to check all your options. 

Item #5: Desk Set

What office supplies do you have on hand at all times? 

Pencils and highlighters, a calendar, sticky notes, eraser, paper clips – the list is endless when you look around your desk for a moment. 

As long as your desk set has such items, including a pencil holder or pen holder, you will not need to get up from it every five minutes.

Everything that isn’t required should be kept in a separate area. 

The rest of your belongings can be stored in a desk drawer or a plastic container away from your desk pad.

The idea is to keep them out of your desk space to stay focused. 

Another cool gadget is the Spin-it Widget with a charging cable, so let’s check it out.

Item #6: Spin-it Widget with Charging Cable

This item is an excellent addition for all the right reasons. 

The Spin-It Widget makes the ideal work companion. 

It includes a power cord with a two-in-one integrated point and a USB-C connector that fits most phones’ storing slots. 

Charging while you’re playing on your phone during your office break makes this small item one of many cool desk accessories. 

In addition, the device can be used to charge and send data simultaneously meaning this tool is just one of many excellent business gift ideas for size and mobility.

Item #7: Mini Desk Vacuum

In order to keep your office desk free of dust and dirt, a mini desk vacuum can be an absolute game-changer. 

You can easily remove debris and even the tiniest dust particles from your desk’s surface, allowing you to maintain a healthy working environment free of allergens. 

Keeping a workplace clean and dust-free is easy with vacuum cleaners; this tiny, portable, and lightweight option makes it a unique office supply. 

It’s even a great branded swag item for your business. 

Moving on. 

Item #8: Cord Wrap

A cord wrap is a perfect cable organizer, keeping your office stuff neat and organized.

It makes a great addition to your office products; you will never hunt around your office looking for your cables and earphones again. 

The cord wrap keeps cords from being tangled and stows them away safely. 

The soft material makes it easy to use while also protecting the cables you’ve bundled up.

Author’s Note: A useful item like this cord wrap can be a great gift for speakers and event attendees. 

Let’s move forward with our following office desk accessories.

Item #9: Letter Opener

A letter opener is a knife-like item used to open letters. 

Manual letter openers are usually sufficient unless you need to open many letters at once.

Many different types of letter openers are produced from various materials. 

Modern letter openers have a razor blade embedded inside the handle. 

Select an easy-grip design that’s pleasing to the eye and efficient for opening envelopes. 

The best spot to keep your letter opener is where you regularly arrange and open your mail; next to your pen table, tape dispenser, business cards, and other general desk decor.

Item #10: Desk Accessories Tray

This desk accessories tray keeps all of your belongings in one place. 

Say goodbye to losing your keys, phone, notebook, or any other important item because this item works as a desk organizer. 

The tray provides the storage and organizing you want without eating up desk space. 

Pull it out when you have to look for an item or take some notes and then slide it straight in when you no longer need it. 

Moving on.

Item #11: Digital Clock

In comparison to analog clocks, digital clocks are clearer to read and offer a broader range of features.

When you glance at an analog clock, you get an approximation of the time. 

Often, that’s enough, but there are times when you need to quickly get a very accurate time, like when you need to jump from one Zoom meeting to another.  

In addition, businesses and manufacturers that use time-critical production methods also gain from accuracy you can get from a digital clock. 

Item #12: Mini Stapler

A mini stapler is one of the cute office supplies you can offer to your team. 

It can even be the perfect stocking stuffer for your holiday office gift selection

Use a mini stapler to accomplish all of your stapling needs without having to carry about a large, heavy stapler. 

Since it’s so compact, it can be kept in your briefcase or laptop bag and used whenever you need it thanks to the stapler’s small size. 

Let’s move on to our next item; an hourglass can seem weird but it’s for sure a very cool addition to your office decor.

Item #13: Hourglass

People may think hourglasses are outdated with the rise of usual clocks and digital time being so easy to get on our phones and laptops.

Yet, it still makes one of the most fun office accessories.

You can use an hourglass as a little timer to indicate how long to boil your tea or brew your coffee in a French press.

Item #14: Wireless Charging Pad

A wireless charging pad allows you to recharge your smartphone’s battery without the need for a wire or outlet.

Many wireless charging devices tend to look like a mouse pad where you simply lay your phone while it is charging.

Many newer smartphones come with a built-in wireless charging capability, while older models may require an external adapter or receiver in order to work. 

Also, these wireless chargers come in different editions to suit your needs whether you’re an Apple iPhone or an Android user. 

Item #15: Zippered Padfolio

Zippered padfolios are smaller versions of portfolios that can be tucked away in a briefcase or a backpack.

The most popular sizes are letter and legal and they’re available with a variety of closings, including zippers, buckles, and snaps. 

Padfolios are ideal for attending an appointment or a lunch meeting because they’re lightweight and thin. 

They can come in a range of trendy colors like rose gold and royal blue. 

Plus, you can keep the following in your padfolio:

  • Pen set
  • Sticky notes
  • Notecards or post-it cards
  • Mini USB
  • ID card 

Pretty convenient, right?

Item #16: Handcraft Set

Handcraft sets can bring you a lot of joy in the office. 

They feature stickers, tape, clips, and many more items your team can use to DIY decorate some old but useful office kit they already have. 

You can even use the rope and hang notes all over your desk. 

Sets like this can be given to your workers to make DIY gifts for their colleagues, which can be super heartwarming.

Item #17: Jotter

A jotter is a notebook made out of PU leather, silicone, or other materials.

Jotters have inside pockets to keep items like your ID card, credit card, and business cards. 

They have blank pages making them handy for scribbling and writing anything down.

Also, they come with pens making them super practical, your recipient won’t have to worry about always carrying a pen around.

Let’s see what’s next!

Item #18: Light Box

A light box can make your office space look a hundred times better and cozier, thus boosting employee wellness

It looks fantastic on top of any office furniture. 

Lightboxes are used to light pictures or graphic displays.

The graphics can be made out of thin fabric that light can penetrate or thin plastic, like in our image above. 

At the back are LED lights to illuminate what you’re putting on display from the rear. 

Author’s Tip: This item is far from conventional, making it a unique gift idea for any occasion in the year.

Item #19: Bookmark Pen

The bookmark pen is incredibly stylish for keeping your page and taking notes, too. 

You can annotate the book or report you’re working on and hold the page when you have to take a break.  

With its sleek look and dual functions, this pen has a modern flair that makes the perfect present for a pen-lover and keen reader. 

The pen’s easy-to-hold design conceals the ink cartridge and can be quickly closed in your book to resume reading where you left off.

Item #20: Desktop Organizer Set

A tidy workstation represents a positive mind. 

Therefore, it’s critical to have a stress-free atmosphere when you sit at your desk to study and work. 

Unfortunately, plenty of people have a habit of getting carried away with the items they keep on our desks — notebooks, cables, pencils, eyewear, wireless headphones, and so forth. 

These distractions might make it challenging to focus on your current activity.

A desktop organizer set helps you keep everything in place without any clutter. 

It keeps all of your items organized, helping you stay quick and efficient. 

Let’s get to the next one. 

Item #21: Headphone Stand

Everyone uses headphones throughout the day at the office, whether to listen to music, take calls, or simply tune out the rest of the workplace noise. 

But where do the headphones go after you’re done with them? 

This is where a headphone stand comes in handy.

It gives a location to put your headphones away from your desk workplace, making you feel more put together and professional. 

Also, you’ll never worry about losing your headphones or breaking them ever again.

Headphone stands are available in a variety of designs and materials. 

In addition, you can opt for simple headphone stands and ergonomic designs that help keep your headphones untwisted and as they should be. 

Overall, a stand like the one shown above is a fantastic high-end gift to elevate a workspace. 

Let’s visit the last item on our list.

Item #22: Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Whether working from home or the office, wireless Bluetooth earbuds can be your very best friend.

These earbuds help cancel any surrounding noise, helping your staff to remain focused. 

Also, cords just make everything harder, so why go through the hassle, especially if your company regularly has online meetings and calls?

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds can be very affordable and they’re comfortable to wear, so don’t worry about spending too much or working long periods of time.

That was our final item on our list!

Let’s wrap up.

Now Over to You

Our list of 22 cool office supplies to elevate your workspace has come to an end.

Desk accessories that are both practical and trendy are designed to enhance productivity and bring a dash of style to the workplace -they’re also thoughtful marketing products.

Individuality and creativity are valued in today’s workplace, which opens the door for new and exciting items to enter the market and, eventually, makes their way to your workstations.We are always here to help you select the best items for your office space, never hesitate to keep in touch with us for more ideas.

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