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About Relatient Relatient is a  SaaS-based patient engagement software company.  Generally, SaaS corporations host applications and make them accessible to […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

About Relatient

Relatient is a  SaaS-based patient engagement software company. 

Generally, SaaS corporations host applications and make them accessible to consumers through the internet.

SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service; this implies that the program is hosted on a SaaS company’s server and is accessed remotely by the user.

Relatient provides several different platforms, with a main attraction known as Dash, which holds emphasis on scheduling and patient engagement.

Relatient believes all people deserve a simpler experience in the healthcare system which is why they continuously focus on delivering solutions that delight the market, and continue to build a culture where everyone can thrive.

In addition, the company operates in the United States and in Pune, India.

The platform offers patients and healthcare professionals access to practices, hospitals, and health systems that use real-time clinical data to provide timely messages that fit their existing habits and preferences.

Moreover, appointment reminders, population health outreach, patient billing/payments, satisfaction surveys, self-check-in, non-medical transportation, and demand messaging are all automated by the Relatient platform.

Sofie Williams, Relatient’s Talent and Culture Coordinator, tells us more about the company

“In the simplest terms, Relatient is a healthcare tech company that focuses on making healthcare more accessible for the patients, the providers, and everyone else in between.”

“We work with many dashboards and different applications that ease the scheduling process and enhance the communication between the providers and the patients.” 

How things were before SwagDrop 

Before using SwagDrop services, Relatient didn’t have the smoothest experience with other swag providers. 

Last year, Relatient reached out to other providers, but they never received any clear communication. 

They also received a lot of outdated swag items with old logos, which didn’t give a professional impression.

Moreover, Relatient faced an issue with hidden fees and a lack of clarity, as poor communication overall negatively affected their swag ordering experience. 

How SwagDrop has changed things

SwagDrop has offered Relatient a smoother experience in terms of product quality, customization, and customer satisfaction. 

In addition, SwagDrop has made the process for Relatient more efficient as the company communicates well with them and is very responsive. 

Moreover, Sofie believes that the new hire kits will leave a great impression on the recruits and make them feel recognized right from the start.

What do they feel the key benefits of investing in SwagDrop’s services are?

  • SwagDrop offered Relatient a direct experience with no hidden information or surprises.
  • SwagDrop offers excellent quality items that leave a significant mark on all employees, especially new hires who seek to belong and build a sense of solidarity.
  • SwagDrop offered Relatient the items they sought without going through a complex process

What do they think the best products and services of SwagDrop are?

Sofie mentioned that she had a wonderful experience with SwagDrop’s employees, as they were keen on being responsive and openly communicating about related details.

In addition, she appreciated how SwagDrop was honest about all required fees, as hidden fees were a previous issue with other swag providers.

Also, Sofie loved how the items were customized upfront and how she could quickly see how the branded items looked online with no hassle.

What is Relatient’s Top Tip for Other Businesses 

Sofie noted how much she appreciated SwagDrop’s honesty and transparency.

SwagDrop provided detailed information about fees and other item-related recommendations from the beginning, making the process very pleasant and straightforward.

She also notes SwagDrop’s incredibly professional and responsive approach, and she says the process was far from monotonous.

What Relatient say about SwagDrop

SwagDrop made sure we landed the hands-on items we wanted to get; we didn’t feel like we had to settle on items for the sake of it.” 

SwagDrop has offered a very open communication line, and the company is authentic and responsive. In addition, SwagDrop answered all of my questions and made sure the information was upfront. Also, SwagDrop made sure to focus on our needs, which made the experience amazing overall.” 

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