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Green Thumbs! Why You Should Consider Garden-Friendly Promotional Products

One of the great hallmarks of an excellent promotional product is that it has utility…well guess what, your customers are […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Times are changing. This pandemic has caused many businesses to become more unique and individualistic with many different aspects of their company, such as the promotional products they purchase.

One of the great hallmarks of an excellent promotional product is that it has utility…well guess what, your customers are growing and gardening at home faster than that beanstalk grew jack!

That’s why you should consider giving them garden-friendly promotional products or branded merchandise. It will help them grow vegetables at home and even gain a new hobby in the process.

Here are several ideas for garden-friendly promotional products. Be sure to use these ideas to your advantage!

1. Sunscreen

Of course, if you’re encouraging your clients and employees to get outside more, you’ll also want to encourage proper protection against the sun. Staying outside without it will expose their skin to harmful UV rays.

Whether it’s ever occurred to you or not, this is a great opportunity for brand exposure! You can have your company’s logo printed on the outside label. 

You also have many different types of sunscreen to choose from. You can promote your brand on sunsticks, lip balm, liquid sunscreen bottles, and a sunscreen tube. The cost is budget-friendly when you buy in bulk, that way you can send it out to more people. Also fabulous for conference swag in the summertime.

The branded sunscreen will protect them from burning their skin while they tend to their garden outside. They’ll also use the sunscreen for trips to places like the beach, lake, and amusement parks so your brand will receive even more exposure.

2. Non-Medical Face Masks and Bandanas

Just because your clients and workers are going into the backyard of their property doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be protecting themselves. Especially when there are so many awesome options to choose from!

You can customize a non-medical face mask or bandana with some awesome designs! If you go the bandana route, then many people will use it long after the pandemic is gone.

Gardeners typically prefer to cover their mouths and noses while tending to the garden as is. It protects them from breathing in too much dirt or the smell of compost. 

They can also wear these handy-dandy face masks while they’re out in public. Those that wear them will become a walking ad for your brand at the local grocery stores, gas stations, and wherever else they might go!

3. Seed Bombs

Perhaps your clients and employees have never started a garden before. If so, they’ll need all the help they can get in finding the right plants to grow.

Some plants grow better when they’re paired together with other specific plants. They help each other out with pollination, maintaining the soil, and so much more.

That’s why seed bombing, or companion planting, has become such a highly-suggested route for beginning gardeners. It helps them find the right diversity of plants to grow without doing much extra work.

Believe it or not, seed bombs are a tremendous promotional product opportunity for your business. You can have them delivered in little cloth bags or in a composite sleeve, either of which will have your logo on them.

You might also consider these door hanger of seeds which are perfect for banks, home/auto insurance companies, or HVAC companies. 

Seeds have become one of the apocalyptic currencies…hey buddy, have some jalapeno seeds, I’ll trade for some flour. For some reason, there is a run on hot sauce.

All the recipients of this product need to do is plant the seed bombs, water them frequently, and watch them grow an amazing assortment of flowers. This will prove as an example of the jaw-dropping benefits that come by joining forces with your company.

4. Gardening Gloves

Gloves are a must-have item for anyone that’s looking to add gardening as a hobby. They help you keep your hands clean of all the dirty work that comes with maintaining a beautiful garden.

They’re also a great way for you to give your clients a high-quality gift. You can brand the gloves with your logo and give them a product that they’ll use for years to come.

Simply look through the different colour options and find something that gels well with your logo and colour scheme. Try to keep the colours of the gardening gloves as neutral as possible.

If you go too crazy with the colour theme, then your clients won’t want to wear them. After all, to garden effectively, you’ve got to look good and feel good!

5. Garden Tool Set

No new hobby can be started without the proper tools. You might consider giving your clients and at-home workers a garden toolset for them to get going on their new garden.

The toolsets can be made for a reasonable price and will include all of the essentials such as a trowel, flower trimmer, tote bag, blade pruner, and even a spray bottle. Your recipient can merely set the bag down beside them as they tend to the plants in their garden.

The tote bag itself will have your logo on the side, and all other items will stay on-theme with your company logo’s colour. The final product comes out to be a very clean and organized look. 

More importantly, this promotional product encourages both your customers and workers to take advantage of their time at home. Giving them a gardening kit will help them start a new way to pass the time.

Why You Should Consider Garden-Friendly Promotional Products

Now that you’ve seen a list of garden-friendly promotional products and why each one is beneficial, it’s important to find the right fit for your brand. Be sure to follow this gardening expert for more ideas on garden items that would make great promo products.

Giving these items to your employees can help you keep your team engaged. Be sure to read this article for more ideas on how to engage your team while they’re at home.

For more inquiries on ideation and promotional product needs, please feel free to reach out via the online form at the bottom of our home page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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