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The Newest Type of Promotional Products: Non-Medical Branded Face Masks and Bandanas

  COVID-19 has changed so many things about the way we live. Some of these changes are sure to impact […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop


COVID-19 has changed so many things about the way we live. Some of these changes are sure to impact us for years to come.

Whether it’s with regards to how we interact physically with social distancing or how we give seniors an hour or two at the beginning of the day to get their shopping done, there are going to be some positive changes coming out of this pandemic. Today, we’re going to be discussing the importance of face masks and how they can be used as promotional products for companies moving forward.

Surgical masks, cloth face masks, and bandanas have been getting a lot of use and people don’t seem to mind wearing them in public anymore. COVID has shown us that it’s a great way to keep germs away when you’re out and you can even use them as an accessory. 

If you run a small business, it’s time to start producing branded face masks and we’re going to tell you why.

What Do Non-Medical Face Masks Actually Do?

It’s been well-publicized that medical-grade face masks have been in short supply during this pandemic. With so many patients taking up beds in medical facilities, our front-line workers need those face masks to safely do their job. This shortage has meant that people have had to get creative. Making your own cloth face mask or using a bandana has become a popular way to fight this virus.

COVID-19 is an incredibly contagious illness that we don’t fully understand yet. Direct contact with an infected person is sure to put you at risk, but there’s speculation that the bacteria could remain in the air for minutes after an infected person coughs, talks loudly, or even breathes.

Keep Your Face Covered

Facial protection is more important than we initially realized, regardless of whether it’s medical-grade or not. The CDC has recommended that everyone, sick or healthy, wear a face mask in public to avoid infection. Covering your nose and mouth goes a long way in preventing exposure to COVID. 

A cloth face mask or bandana isn’t going to save you alone, but wearing a face mask, social distancing, and sanitizing your hands as much as possible will give you a rock-solid chance. Since we’ve been using them as a culture for a few weeks now, we’re seeing the pros outweighing the cons. This means that we could see continued use of face masks, even after coronavirus has subsided.

Why People Will Continue to Use Face Masks 

Since you’re not supposed to leave the house without a face mask at the moment, it’s no wonder why so many people are wearing them. However, other cultures might indicate what the future of face masks might look like in North America. 

In many Asian countries, for instance, wearing a mask in public is completely normal and has been for a while. We’re almost guaranteed to see some version of that here, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but even after a vaccine is available as well. People will have time to get used to the idea of wearing a mask in public and see the many benefits of doing so.

There are so many contagious illnesses that could be mitigated, if not prevented, by people wearing masks in public. Going to the grocery store, riding the bus, and attending crowded events exposes you to bacteria, some of which will make you ill. That doesn’t even take into account the fact that many scientists are viewing COVID as a trial run for something much worse down the road.

Face masks might become a permanent fixture in our public lives, so if you’re in the business of selling promotional products, this presents a great opportunity.

Making Promotional Products Out of a Cloth Face Mask

If indeed face masks are going to be sticking around, then they’re going to become accessories. Why not wear a face mask the same way that you would a hoodie or a t-shirt? They’ll gradually become part of fashion as we move into a post-coronavirus period.

Right now, many people are being encouraged to make their own face masks at home. But, not everyone is capable of doing this effectively. If you’re a business that makes promotional products or sells apparel, then there’s no better time to capitalize on the new demand for these products.

How to Brand a Face Mask

Why are face masks great for branding? The best way to look at it is the same way you would a t-shirt, or a “walking billboard“, as some have called them. With face masks, the opportunities are even greater because they’re displayed in such a prominent area on someone’s body.

As they start to become pieces of fashion, creating attractive masks that are comfortable to wear is going to be really important for a lot of people. Materials, patterns, and graphics will be a huge part of this, which means that you can use them to promote your logo and any promotional message you might have.

It would be near-impossible for someone not to see your message when you put it on a face mask. Having people walking around with your brand covering their nose and mouth means more awareness directed at your company. Doing this in a tasteful way and one that’s sensitive to the moment is incredibly important.

So, before you start producing your face masks, make sure to educate yourself on COVID-19. The more you know about the science behind it, the infection statistics, and social distancing requirements, the better you’ll be able to promote your brand using these masks. You’ll also be able to ensure that you’re using the right masks that are up to the task.

Get Your Cloth Face Masks Made Now

Don’t wait to make your face masks because this is the time when people need them the most. As COVID-19 restrictions are being eased all over the world, people are getting back into their normal routine, but no one knows what will happen. The best we can do is give them the facial protection that they need to go about their business.

To have your branded face masks made, contact the Promotion Resource Group. At PRG, we create unique promotional products to amplify your story and build your audience. In these confusing times, using your brand to comfort people and keep the same is one of the best things you can do as a company, so contact us today to discuss your branding goals and how we can help.

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