How to Order Promotional Products in Los Angeles, California

We offer a lot of possibilities for personalizing promotional gifts and giveaways to your specifications:

Following that, you can browse our large selection of branded workwear, snack boxes, wellness kits, holiday gift boxes, workplace supplies, branded drinkware, and other interesting swag item options.

Then, before proceeding to the checkout page, you will pick the needed quantity and check the pricing.

The next stage is the most exciting!

You will have unlimited flexibility to design your items to fit your brand.

Before starting to work on any order, our graphic design team creates brand mock-ups to verify that you are satisfied with the final results.

We will begin working on your order as soon as we get your approval.

Your opinion matters the most at SwagDrop!

What Kinds of Customized Promotional Gifts Can Be Ordered?

We are your one-stop store for any promo products.

We provide high-quality promotional products in a variety of categories and types, including:

  • Corporate wearables (e.g., t-shirts, branded scarves, sweaters, hoodies, beanies, customized sweatpants, polo shirts, and sportswear)
  • Branded drinkware (e.g., coffee mugs, branded stainless steel tumblers, reusable water bottles, and custom wine cups)
  • Tech swag items (e.g., wireless chargers, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, USB flash drives, drones, and laptop stands)

We offer a vast selection of corporate gifts such as stress balls, drawstrings, backpacks, tote bags, lanyards, lip balms, and many more cool choices.

In addition, we’re always adding new gifts to our inventory so that you may remain on top of your promotional marketing game.

What Events and Occasions Can I Order Promotional Products For?

Our product selection can impress all of your staff and clients when it’s time for:

  • New employee orientation
  • Employee recognition day
  • Birthdays of staff and clients
  • Christmas and holiday parties
  • Virtual conferences and events
  • Employee thank-you day
  • Trade show giveaways

Remember that you can always count on us to receive your items on time and never miss a good time!

More Locations near Los Angeles, California

You can confidently purchase all of our fantastic gift options from anywhere in and near Los Angeles. We always have your back!


Cudahy is named for its creator, the meatpacking magnate Michael Cudahy, who acquired the area known as Rancho San Antonio for development in 1908.

Cudahy, which was formed on November 10, 1960, and is located in Southeast Los Angeles next to the LA River and 710 Freeway, is a small city in a metropolitan area.

In addition, it has a distinctive name and a fascinating history that is exclusive to California.

In 1810, the King of Spain presented Don Antonio Maria Lugo, his former cavalry corporal, with eleven square leagues of California.

Also, in 1813, Don Antonio Maria Lugo established a region extending from the low range of hills separating it from the San Gabriel Valley.

Look no further if you live in this historically rich area and need a swag provider; we have you covered.

Cudahy Postal Codes:

Monterey Park

Monterey Park is ideally placed near three major highways that allow north-south and east-west access to all of Southern California.

It’s surrounded on the west by the Long Beach Freeway (710), on the north by the San Bernardino Freeway (Interstate 10), and on the south by the Pomona Freeway (State Highway 60).

Moreover, Monterey Park is well serviced by public rail and bus transportation lines due to its central position and closeness to downtown Los Angeles.

It offers residents and workers many different ways to go to work, shopping, and home.

Also, the city is home to significant auto sales, banking, medical, education, and food service industries.

With the striving economy of this city, we love to take part in your giveaway journey.

So contact us, and let’s customize your swag needs.

Monterey Park Postal Codes:
91754 – 91755 – 91756


The city of Alhambra fosters and welcomes sustainable business growth that contributes to economic expansion and enhances the quality of life for its residents.

Alhambra is a business-friendly city that continuously engages with enterprises to preserve a favorable business climate.

The city’s location in the western San Gabriel Valley affords enormous prospects for office, commercial, and industrial enterprises.

In addition, Alhambra is near major employment and business centers in downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

The San Gabriel Valley and Alhambra are serviced by major universities, community colleges, historical and cultural institutions, research centers, and air, rail, port, and highway transport systems.

As this city opens many business doors, you’ll need more promotional items, and we’ll have you prepared in every way!

Alhambra Postal Codes:
91801 – 91802 – 91803 – 91804 – 91896 – 91899


The city of Bell is a pleasant and welcoming community of young families, small businesses, and an industrial sector situated in southeast Los Angeles County on the east bank of the Los Angeles River.

Given that it’s situated in the central Los Angeles industrial area, Bell is recognized as the key to industries.

In addition, Bell is a thriving town proud of its ethnic variety, including immigrants from all over Latin America and a rising Lebanese-American immigrant population.

We can help if you work in any industry in this beautiful city and are looking for some swag guidance.

Bell Postal Codes:
90202 – 90201

Promotional Product FAQs

For sure! Feel free to contact us if you need help requesting any items, and you can always get your hands on any gifts all year long.
If you order your gifts from the United States, they will be shipped from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, if you purchase any item from Canada, it will be sent from Toronto, Ontario.
Without a doubt! You can order bulk-quantity giveaways for your company in Los Angeles and across the United States.
Yes, we have a minimum amount of 100 promotional items.

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