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Do you want to get the best promotional products for your business in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? We’re here to make this process easy for you.

How to Order Promotional Products in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

There are four options available in our one-stop shop to get your hands on our quality promotional merchandise:

We offer a range of items: backpacks, tumblers, coolers, polos, wireless chargers, reusable straws, eco-friendly tote bags, drinkware items, tech swag gifts, notepads, and many more.

Feel free to look around, add the essential items to your cart, and then go to the checkout page.

You can now upload your company logo and check what your high-quality merch will look like!

This process is very enjoyable; we warn you that you might lose yourself browsing through our great items!

Before digital printing, our graphic design team will create product mockups for your approval.

We understand that your personalized promotional items represent your company name and brand to social media, subscribers, customers, business clients, and employees.

Therefore, we believe you should approve of our screen printing and what your gifts look like overall before placing an order.

Not to mention that our mockups are toll-free!

Give Me Some Idea of Branded Promotional Products that Can Be Ordered

You can find old-school swag ideas and newer quality products.
Some of our promo item categories include:

  • Branded apparel (such as hoodies, sportswear, t-shirts, fleece jackets, and dress shirts)
  • Custom outdoor gifts (such as barbecue kits, hammocks, camp mugs, and solar power banks)
  • Sustainable gifts (such as reusable water bottles, bamboo lunch boxes, eco-friendly tote bags, and biodegradable notebooks)

Feel free to stay in touch with us to help you select the most suitable options.

Whether you’re looking forward to gifting clients, partners, managers, or fellow employees, we guarantee there’s a wonderful choice for everyone.

What Are the Most Popular Occasions for Ordering Promotional Products?

The most popular occasions for ordering promo items and swag options are:

  • Fundraiser events
  • Online conferences
  • Employee achievements and rewards
  • Employee recognition events
  • Remote team events
  • Holiday parties
  • Trade show events

But remember that you should hand out swag all year long!

Give promotional products on any occasion and enjoy the fantastic feedback you get.

More Locations near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We love helping businesses and individuals get the best promo item experience. If you’re anywhere near Saskatoon, know that we have you covered regarding your swag needs.


Regina is the second-largest city in the province after Saskatoon and is the capital of Saskatchewan.

It ranks 18th in Canada in terms of population.

In addition, Saskatchewan is one of the three prairie provinces, along with Manitoba and Alberta.

The city didn’t attract many immigrants during the past decade.

Nonetheless, recent economic improvements have increased employment prospects.

Also, the number of new immigrants entering the city in recent years reflects this increase.

Due to the severe worker shortage, it’s becoming a desirable location for employment seekers.

Regina has a lot of business opportunities, and we’re all here for it in terms of swag.

Regina Postal Codes:
S4P – S4N – S4L – S4R – S4S – S4T – S4V – S4W – S4X – S4Y – S4Z – S4M

North Battleford

North Battleford is a Canadian city located in west-central Saskatchewan.

It sits just over the North Saskatchewan River from the town of Battleford and is the seventh biggest municipality in the province.

The two settlements are together known as "The Battlefords."

Need some swag help in this city? Hit us up, and let’s look up some options together.

North Battleford Postal Codes:
S9A – S0M

Prince Albert

Prince Albert is currently a distribution hub for northern Saskatchewan and the region’s gold and uranium mining operations.

Oil extraction, carpentry, pulp, paper manufacturing, and food packaging are among its businesses.

Prince Albert is home to a federal prison and various technical and vocational schools.

We have you covered if your business is located in this great city and you need some swag supplies.

Prince Albert Postal Codes:
S6V – S6W – S6X


Nipawin is a lovely town located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

It has some of the most gorgeous landscapes in Canada and it’s no surprise that so many people enjoy them.

The city has a close-knit community that welcomes international students from all around the globe. It’s an ideal location for international students to pursue their educational goals in a beautiful and tranquil setting.

If you happen to be in this area and need some promo items assistance, we’re here to walk you through the whole process.

Nipawin Postal Codes:

Promotional Product FAQs

Yes, your promotional products can be shipped to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and all over Canada.
The delivery time is determined by the quantity and type of items chosen, but a general guideline is 2-3 weeks for production.
You can contact SwagDrop anytime to check your order and adjust any required details to match the vision you have in mind.
You can get your promotional items shipped across all Canadian provinces.
If you place an order from Canada, it ships from Toronto, Ontario but if you make an order from the United States, it ships from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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