Promotional Products Toronto, Ontario

Looking for top-notch promotional products to promote your business in Toronto, Ontario? You’ve just found yourself the best swag partner.

How to Order Promotional Products in Toronto, Ontario

We offer four different options to help you customize gifts that suit you best:

Afterward, you can browse our various selections of branded apparel, customized drinkware, tech accessories, office supplies, and many more cool swag choices.

You will then choose the needed quantity and check pricing before proceeding to the checkout process.

The best part is that you’ll have the total freedom to design your gifts to suit your brand.

Our design team creates brand mockups before proceeding with any orders to make sure that you like your items before you pay for them.

Once we have your approval, we will start working on your order.

Which Types of Branded Products Can Be Ordered?

We offer various high-quality promotional items, so you’ll never really run out of options!

If you’re also interested in gift kits, you can always choose from our preset packs, modify them or keep them as-is, and we’ll personalize them for your brand.

Let’s take a look at some of our promo product options:

  • Branded wearables (such as vests, hoodies, polo shirts, dress shirts, sweatshirts, scarves, visor hats, toques, beanies, long- and short-sleeve shirts, and t-shirts)
  • Customized tech swag (such as USB flash drives, power banks, chargers, Bluetooth headphones, and mouse pads)
  • Personalized drinkware (such as tumblers, water bottles, mugs, and reusable straws)
  • Wellness items (such as hand sanitizers, face masks, first-aid kits, and lip balms)
  • Branded accessories (such as lanyards, keychains, coasters, bottle openers, bookmarks, and flashlights)
  • Branded bags (such as tote bags, backpacks, briefcases, lunch bags, duffel bags, and drawstrings)

Also, we have many other quality product categories for you to pick from for any occasion or time of year.

Furthermore, we pay attention to keeping up with global conversations, so if your brand is all about saying no to plastic bags, we have many eco-friendly corporate gift choices to best represent your identity.

What Occasions Can I Order Branded Items For?

You can get your co-workers and clients promo gifts all year long.

A customized lapel, a branded padfolio, a stylus pen, or a notepad can take you far and draw some smiles no matter what the occasion!

We have a large selection for:

  • Conference and tradeshow presents
  • Holiday branded gifts
  • Employee appreciation day gifts
  • Employee anniversary promotional gifts

So whether it’s time for summer or Christmas carols, you’ll find a lot of varieties and new products to suit everyone, and we make sure you receive your items on time to put that extra sparkle on your celebration.

More Locations near Toronto, Ontario

No matter where you are, we’re here to help. You can receive swag items anywhere near Toronto, Ontario, and surrounding areas.


Etobicoke was planned as a postwar, contemporary suburb. Its rise paralleled the increase in vehicle ownership, and its planning mirrored this.

With distinct residential, industrial, and commercial zoning, broad roads and streets were a defining characteristic of the new suburbs.

The parking lots of shopping centers and office buildings cover significant space, so this city will never run out of promo item needs!

Etobicoke Postal Codes:
M8W – M8X – M8Y – M8Z – M9A – M9B – M9C – M9P – M9R – M9V – M9W – M8V


Due to its proximity to Toronto, Mississauga has grown considerably. In the latter half of the twentieth century, the city attracted a multicultural population and developed a thriving core business sector.

Malton, located in the city’s northeast, is home to Toronto Pearson International Airport, the busiest airport in Canada and the headquarters of several Canadian and international corporations.

Can you say, multinational businesses?

We’re always here to supply you with nothing but the best corporate gifts.

Mississauga Postal Codes:
L4T – L5J – L5V – L5T – L5S – L5R – L5P – L5N – L5M – L5L – L5K – L5H – L4V – L5G – L5E – L5C – L5B – L5A – L4Z – L4Y – L4X – L4W – L5W


Oshawa is a city of over 170,000 people.

It’s one of Ontario’s most populated cities and is renowned for its manufacturing heritage (dating from as early as 1910).

Recently, it has become a dynamic and bustling neighbourhood, home to various companies and stores.

So, if you’re in the area, we’ve got you covered with any of your corporate gift needs.

Oshawa Postal Codes:
L1G – L1H – L1J – L1K – L1L


Brampton is located northwest of Toronto, near Pearson International Airport.

The city’s key business clusters are manufacturing, retail, and wholesale commerce, with more than 75,000 firms.

So if you’re working for any of the businesses there, ensure that our promo gifts and high-quality swag are always in demand.

Brampton Postal Codes:
L6P – L6R – L6S – L6T – L6V – L6W – L6X – L6Y – L6Z

Promotional Product FAQs

The following items are popular promo items in Toronto, Ontario:
  • Branded hoodies
  • Desk accessories
  • Customized outerwear/li>
  • Branded headgear/li>
  • Snack gift baskets/li>
If you order the required promotional items from Canada, we ship your order from the very same city of Toronto, Ontario.
Yes, you will be able to see the mockups before processing your order as our design team contacts you first for your approval.
You can chat with us anytime if you have questions about your order.

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