As the world has transitioned to a work-from-home culture, it has become more difficult for many to find the space they need to succeed at work. 

Some individuals use a spare room in their home, while others work from their couches, kitchens, bedrooms, or even outside. 

Whatever area you have available, dedicating a room to a minimalist home office can significantly improve your attitude and productivity. 

Hence, we have created this ergonomic gift guide to help you achieve this goal. 

Our list includes four categories to navigate easily:

  • Minimalist home office
  • Clean & well-organized home office
  • Tech lover home office
  • Comfy home office

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Minimalist Home Office

Clean & Well-Organized Home Office

Tech Lover Home Office

Comfy Home Office

4 Tips to Make a Small Home Office Work

Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Minimalist Home Office

Anyone can effortlessly separate professional activities from their personal life with a dedicated home office area

Since there is no mental separation between business and personal chores while working from the living room sofa or bedroom, it is easy to sink into the overwork loop.

 Hence, creating a practical, minimalist environment matters. 

The below items will help create this.

1. Heathered Writing Pad

The heathered writing pad is a timeless classic.

This workspace gift comes with an inner organizer for business cards, a handy document pocket, and an attached pen loop. 

It also has outside storage on its back cover, an elastic strap closure, and 20 sheets of paper.

2. 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

A 5-in-1 wireless charging station will always come in handy in any small space. 

This small home office item can charge up to five devices simultaneously. 

Three devices can be charged wirelessly, while two others can be charged through USB ports.

Another great feature is the rubber anti-slip feet, which guarantee there won’t be any incidents. 

3. Daylight Desk Lamp

The daylight desk lamp is the perfect gift to enhance any office space.

It adds a lovely touch to the interior design, especially if the designated home office space lacks natural light.

This daylight lamp with three light hues (white, natural, and warm) will supply you with your daily dose of sunlight while keeping you energized and focused.

You can even customize this table lamp with any color scheme of your choice.

Clean & Well-Organized Home Office 

Your work area surroundings mirror your mental condition

A clean, well-organized, and appealing workplace indicates your work is productive and constructive. 

Although the relationship between a clean workplace and a high production level may not be obvious, consider how an unsanitary atmosphere can induce sickness or how a cluttered desk might make it difficult to find papers that should be appropriately filed away.

With that in mind, here are a few gifts that can help your staff and customers keep their offices tidy and increase productivity.

1. Premium Wireless Charger and Desk Organizer

This wireless charger and desk organizer is a luxe gift choice and can take any home office desk to the next level.

This item blends wireless charging technology with a traditional valet style wrapped in designer-quality Belgian linens and sealed with a soft-touch polymer for enhanced durability.

2. Bainbridge Zippered Padfolio

This zippered padfolio is super practical and just looks incredibly sleek.

The padfolio is made of genuine leather, comes with a branded 8.5″ x 11″ writing pad, and is presented in a one-piece special box. 

Furthermore, it has a gusseted document pocket, numerous business card slots, a separate phone pocket, and a pen and USB hooks to keep your essentials organized neatly while you’re on the road.

3. Sticky Note Organizer 

A sticky note organizer is a must on any computer desk. 

It comes with two 80-page refillable 3″ by 3″ sticky notepads, three colored sticky note markers, and a two-sided, four-year detachable calendar so that you will get a double-duty tool in a small-sized gadget.

4. Cordless Mini Desk Vacuum

The mini handheld cordless desktop vacuum is ideal for cleaning computers, keyboards, furniture, and vehicle seats. 

Its lightweight, portable design allows anyone to use it at home and store it in any cabinetry, workplace, or vehicle.

It also helps with cleaning any floating shelves, floating desks, bookcases, bookshelves, or home decor as it can access every tiny corner, which is a plus. 

Tech Lover Home Office 

According to one case study, workers who worked from home for 9 months were 13.5 % more productive than their office peers. 

This production rate was influenced by technology and related tools, as they have helped remote employees concentrate their communication in the right places.

The below tools will turn any room into a modern home office with the right sort of innovation.

1. Privacy Camera Blockers 

These privacy camera blockers in a case have three camera blockers to safeguard your security and privacy while using mobile devices. 

You can simply line one up with your camera, attach it, and push hard to ensure that it adheres to the surface. 

It also protects your cameras while they are not in use, preventing webcam hackers from spying on you. 

It easily glides open when you really need to use your camera, then locks in place to prevent the cover from sliding open.

Moreover, it’s used to conceal the front-facing camera on phones, tablets, and most laptops and computers, and it comes in a cool pop of colors for you to choose from.

2. Bluetooth Receiver

The Bluetooth receiver converts any wired audio device into a Bluetooth device.

Once connected, you can manage your music and answer your phone hands-free, with up to 3 hours of playback duration on a single charge

In addition, it takes 1 hour to completely charge.

3. Wifi Smart Power Strip with USB Output

The WiFi smart power strip allows you to control your gadgets from anywhere. 

The strip has four 15-amp outlets and two 2.1-amp USB connections.

After connecting the power strip to your wifi connection, you can control it from your phone or tablet using the designated smart app.

Moreover, the device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which is a great bonus.

4. Laptop & Tablet Portable Video Light

This item is a cool addition to any desk space. 

The laptop & tablet portable video light immediately improves the quality of your laptop or tablet camera. 

In addition, it’s compatible with Teams, Zoom, and Sky.

If your employees are stuck with a dim mudroom home office or just have task lighting or a simple light fixture, this item will help them look their best in every meeting.

5. Smart Wifi Video Doorbell 

This smart Wifi video doorbell has an in-built speaker and microphone that allows you to chat with guests and sends an alert to your phone anytime a visitor pushes your doorbell. 

When linked to WiFi, this video doorbell will provide a live stream that will enable you to see who is at the door.

Another fantastic bonus is the built-in infrared technology that enables its camera to function in low-light conditions.

Comfy Home Office 

Making yourself comfortable and getting in the right frame of mind will help you tons while working at home.

The last thing you need is to feel way out of place; the below items will definitely help employees and clients set the right vibes.

1. Bamboo Lap Desk

This bamboo lap desk is the best piece of small office furniture you can get your hands on.

With this item, you can simply work from anywhere.

Check out how this cool item functions:

Moreover, it comes with a vented tray that provides adequate laptop ventilation (sized to fit a 15″ laptop) and a device ledge to keep any laptop safe.

2. Faux Marble Desktop Set 

This desktop set comes in a beautiful color palette. 

Just look at how glam this marble print looks!

A pencil cup, stapler, staple supplies, and notepad are included in this monochrome kit; your employees will thank you for these great-looking office supplies.

3. Bamboo Photo Frame

The bamboo photo frame displays any typical 4″ x 6″ photo neatly; it will make an excellent addition to any furniture. 

It comes with an easel stand for vertical or horizontal display options.

4. Orange Stress Reliever 

The bullet orange stress reliever is constructed of squeezable polyurethane and is designed to resemble a real orange in your fruit bowl.

The stress ball takes five seconds to return to its former shape after being squashed.

5. R&R Sound Machine 

This office gift is incredibly multi-purpose.

It can lull you to sleep in preparation for a comfortable night, or it can be used in the workplace to hide conversations, making it ideal for office privacy.

The R&R sound machine can also be used to filter out external sounds and disturbances wherever you are or go.

This tiny, elegantly designed sound machine has 24 sounds to choose from.

In addition, there are six different white noise selections, six fan sound options, and twelve calming natural and calm-inducing sounds, making this item truly special. 

6. Scented Glass Jar Candle 

A scented glass jar candle will make any work stress fade away.

This candle comes with a sturdy performance with a 65-hour burn time, so you will be giving out a very long-lasting gift.

Also, it’s free of harmful phthalates and lead. 

4 Tips to Make a Small Home Office Work

Do you live in a tiny place, such as an apartment or a condo? Make the most of your space by using multi-purpose furnishings and decorating wisely.

1. Choose a workspace place

Is there a low-traffic, peaceful corner of your home or apartment that could be used as a home office? 

Consider any vacant corners where a small desk can be placed. 

Alternatively, check if you have a spare closet that could be converted into an office.

2. Build a multi-functional home office

It’s not always viable to build a separate workspace away from the main living area. 

When this is the case, your environment and furnishings can become multi-functional.

During the workweek, designate a part of your kitchen table or dining room to serve as your workplace. 

To optimize your workstation, you can even position a tiny desk behind a sofa or in a broad corridor.

3. Make use of a space-saving desk

You can install a fold-out desk and a desk chair in an unused corner or a floating desk that takes up no floor space. 

In addition, there are numerous space-saving desk types to pick from, depending on how much space you have to work with.

4. Make the most of your vertical space

You can add wall shelf units for extra storage in addition to floating shelves that are both fashionable and useful as they can be used to showcase books or houseplants. 

Remember that maximizing your wall space or accent wall provides you with additional floor area to deal with, allowing you to arrange your furniture and office decor in a room-appropriate layout.

Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Sometimes, staying productive can get a bit tricky while being in a home office due to  distractions and a lack of peer motivation.

Follow these tips to enhance your overall ambiance for better productivity rates.

1. Be prepared for distractions

You’ll need mental breaks every now and then. 

Choose your weapon: a book, a gaming app on your phone, or a beloved musical instrument, and keep it around so you can reward yourself with small breaks.


Yet, we recommend you tuck it away, as you don’t want to be continuously tempted and end up looking at it wistfully instead of working.

2. Make yourself at home

Invest in a nice office chair and make sure you’re sitting at your desk in an ergonomically optimal posture. 


If sitting for too long causes you pain, consider putting a standing desk in one corner of the room. 

In addition, simple items like an anti-glare computer screen can significantly improve your comfort level, enabling you to concentrate on getting your job done.

3. Purchase basic fitness equipment

Keep exercise bands, modest weights, or even a tiny treadmill or step machine in your workplace area. 


Taking small exercise breaks throughout the day might help you change gears, concentrate, and re-energize as required. 

Author’s Note:  Employers should certainly consider offering basic fitness equipment to their remote employees.

4. Take breaks for your eyes

This may seem like a little thing, but you’d be shocked at how much of a difference it can make! 

It’s difficult to remember to do it on a regular basis, so make a concerted effort here and see how it goes.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye strain, and stop staring at your screen every twenty minutes; then hold your gaze for 20 seconds at anything 20 yards away. 

If you keep on following this exercise, your eyes will be grateful.

Believe us!

Now Over to You

Our home office gift guide is suitable for all occasions and events, so we hope you will get to use it for your next big thing.

If you have any questions regarding how to elevate your workspace, feel free to contact us at any time. 

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