Creating Thoughtful Custom Swag for Showcare

About Showcare Showcare is an event management company founded in 1982.  The company offers various event management services, covering physical, […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

About Showcare

Showcare is an event management company founded in 1982. 

The company offers various event management services, covering physical, virtual, and hybrid events. Showcare manages anything from conferences and meetings to trade shows and corporate events. 

Cassandra Spracklin, Showcare’s Marketing Coordinator, tells us more about the company

‘’Showcare is an event services company, yet we’re currently growing our services to offer more than that”.

“In addition, we have just gone through a rebranding process, so getting new swag was essential to complement the process’’. 

‘’We really care about our brand and human connections. We really care about our employees’ happiness as we believe that happy employees equal great work results’’. 

How things were before SwagDrop

Showcare was looking for a Canadian-based swag provider that would offer them a stress-free shipping experience as they’re mainly based in Canada. 

Moreover, the company kept looking at multiple providers, yet no branded items matched the aesthetics they wanted. 

The corporation found SwagDrop’s branded products matched their requirements like finding environmentally-friendly branded items and high-quality swag overall

In addition, Showcare found SwagDrop to be very close in terms of location, which  made the process run even smoother. 

How SwagDrop has changed things

Showcare employees absolutely loved SwagDrop’s customized items; they kept sharing their items on social media and LinkedIn, which is an excellent way to showcase employee contentment and enhance staff engagement, especially since the company has gone through a recent rebranding.

You can check the screenshot below to see how cool the Showcare swag pack looks and how excited one of the newest Showcarians, Norman, was about it:

Image Source: LinkedIn

What’s more important is that the staff at Showcare keep using their items; many employees still use their coffee mugs and wear the branded sweaters they received. ?

On a related note, some employees loved their swag so much that they ordered branded items for their families

Last but not least, Showcare is currently looking for baby branded items and golf balls, as the company has new parents and a lot of golf enthusiasts. SwagDrop will be helping to fulfill all the required customized items. 

What do they feel the key benefits of investing in SwagDrop’s services are?

  • Showcare appreciated the high-quality items SwagDrop offers and how they are far from cheap looking.
  • The company found a lot of eco-friendly options as they wanted their employees to utilize reusable branded products. 
  • Showcare’s employees were delighted with the swag items they received, which is essential for the company as employee satisfaction is firmly embedded in the corporate culture
  • Showcare found that SwagDrop offers an excellent open line of communication and follow-up, making the whole experience seamless and accessible. 

What do they think the best products and services of SwagDrop are?

Showcare finds that SwagDrop’s products are top-notch and of great quality overall. 

Furthermore, the corporation finds SwagDrop’s services to be efficient and on point in terms of communication and response.

What is Showcare’s Top Tip for Other Businesses 

Showcare likes how SwagDrop was quick to get over any small hurdles. More specifically, when it came to a few small swag order mishaps, SwagDrop was able to solve any inconveniences easily and promptly.

Hence, Showcare finds that working on any issues efficiently and quickly is key to avoiding any problems building up.

What Showcare says about SwagDrop

‘’SwagDrop had the best line of communication between all the suppliers I have contacted. The company sets things right from the get-go, and the responses are always quick and very clear’’. 

‘’I really think that SwagDrop products really resonated with our brand and that definitely helped the overall satisfaction of our own place’’.

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