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Looking for thoughtful and high-quality promotional products in Regina, Saskatchewan? We’re here to help make this process hassle-free.

How to Order Promotional Products in Regina, Saskatchewan

Our one-stop platform provides four alternatives for obtaining our high-quality corporate gifts:

We provide merch and products like lanyards, tumblers, tote bags, ballpoint pens, padfolios, polos, backpacks, water bottles, gym bags, laptop bags, wireless chargers, and many other eye-catching items for you to choose from.

Feel free to browse, add the necessary products to your shopping cart, and proceed to the checkout page.

Now you can submit your company logo and preview your swag.

This process is exciting, and we guarantee you lots of fun.

Our graphic design team will develop product mockups for your approval before screen-printing to ensure that you love how your business gifts look.

As a promotional products supplier, we believe your bespoke promotional items reflect your company’s identity.

Therefore, your opinion matters the most!

What Are the Best Branded Promotional Products I Can Order?

We offer lots of high-quality items and categories.

To give you an idea of our categories, we offer the following:

  • Branded tech swag (such as a wide selection of flash drives, USB hubs, BlueTooth earphones, and wireless chargers)
  • Promo drinkware (such as tumblers, coffee mugs, and reusable water bottles)
  • Wellness items (such as body lotions, yoga mats, and scented candles)

We also offer popular products like t-shirts, stadium cups, headgear, and a wide selection that your gift receivers will love.

Is It Possible to Order Promotional Products for Any Occasion, From Christmas to Employee Anniversaries?

Of course! It’s possible to order products for Christmas, employee anniversaries, and many more occasions, including:

  • Web-based conferences
  • Remote team activities
  • Onboarding programs
  • New employee orientation events
  • Trade show events
  • Co-worker birthdays
  • Employee appreciation days
  • Fundraisers

But remember that you should distribute goodies throughout the year!

Just give promotional items on any occasion and enjoy the positive response you receive.

More Locations near Regina, Saskatchewan

The demand for swag calls for adaptability and a variety of options, which is why, in addition to Regina, you can get promotional items from all around Saskatchewan.


Saskatoon is a thriving and welcoming city.

It has welcomed individuals from all over Canada and the world.

Also, Saskatoon is becoming an increasingly popular destination to live and work.

If you need any help with some customizing swag, we’re here to help if you’re in the area.

Saskatoon Postal Codes:
S7H – S7J – S7K – S7L – S7M – S7N – S7P – S7R – S7S – S7T – S7W

Moose Jaw

With significant oil refineries, fertilizer and salt-production plants, flour-milling enterprises, vast grain-storage facilities, and extensive stockyards, this city is one of the most industrialized in Saskatchewan.

Other economic activities involve meatpacking, dairy farming, the production of transportation equipment, and glass and plastic goods.

With many thriving businesses comes the need for some fantastic promo items, so hit us up and let’s get this journey started.

Moose Jaw Postal Codes:
S6H – S6J – S6K


Yorkton was situated on the Yellowhead Trail, which connected Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and the north.

When the railroad arrived in 1890, the hamlet moved three kilometres south and its name was changed from York City to Yorkton.

A monument and three millstones from the first mill identify the town’s original location.

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park, located just north-northwest of the city, offers an abundance of leisure activities with its kilometres of sandy beaches and dunes.

If your business is located in this thriving town, let us discuss some swag options together.

Yorkton Postal Codes:
S0A – S3N

Swift Current

Swift Current, the largest city in Saskatchewan’s southwest area, is proud of its thriving downtown commercial district. In addition, Swift Current is home to the famous Market Square.

Additionally, the city is home to two big retail malls, the Swift Current Mall and the Wheatland Mall, which are home to a range of stores and enterprises.

Swift Current is home to several retail behemoths in the larger urban centers.

With its skyrocketing economy, we’re happy to share any business and corporate swag-building stories.

Swift Current Postal Codes:
S9H – S0N

Promotional Product FAQs

Yes, we definitely can ship promotional products to Saskatchewan, Canada.
Yes, you can order both types of branded gifts and anything else you have in mind.
It takes about two to three weeks to ship promotional items to Regina from the production date. This also depends on the type and quantity of gifts you’re purchasing.
Yes, we create product mockups for your giveaways before you commit to any order.
Yes, feel free to contact us anytime in case you have any questions.

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