Creating a Sense of Belonging for Experian Hires

About Experian Experian PLC is a data company providing credit and marketing services.  A PLC (public limited company) is a […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

About Experian

Experian PLC is a data company providing credit and marketing services. 

A PLC (public limited company) is a company run by directors and owned by shareholders. 

A public limited business can issue shares to the general public. 

Other duties that a PLC must fulfill as a result of becoming public include additional tax administration and making financial reports public so that potential shareholders have all the data they need before joining.

Experian manages large databases that enable credit granting and tracking while reducing fraud and credit risk.

In addition, they provide specialized analytical solutions for credit ratings, risk management, and application processing; they also offer credit reports and scores to customers.

In other words, they collect, analyze, and process data to assist consumers in gaining financial control and accessing financial services, as well as helping companies to make better decisions, thrive, and prevent identity theft and crime.

Justin A. Margherio, Experian’s Early Careers Talent Acquisition Partner, tells us more about the company

Experian is a data company that aims to empower people and organizations to take control of their finances and assess financial services through data analysis’’.

“In addition, the company shields individuals and businesses against identity fraud through well-structured fraud protection’’. 

How things were before SwagDrop 

Before using SwagDrop’s services, Experian wasn’t fully focused on sending swag items. For instance, if a manager wanted to send an employee a specific item, that would happen without gifting the whole team promotional items. 

Hence, the corporation felt that a cohesive experience must be offered to everyone, no matter where they’re located. 

Moreover, the company sought to make remote employees feel like they’re part of something bigger and create a sense of belonging, as most of the corporation’s workers and interns are going through either a remote or hybrid working experience.

Also, the company sought more vital communication with its interns to get them excited about their new roles

How SwagDrop has changed things

SwagDrop has helped Experian create a better sense of communication and helped overcome the limited interaction barrier for newcomers, especially regarding a virtual work set-up.

In addition, the swag items were very well received, and employees have even shared their new swag items online, showcasing their excitement

What do they feel the key benefits of investing in SwagDrop’s services are?

  • SwagDrop helped Experian build a sense of community and provide a great experience for employees, especially interns.
  • SwagDrop kept giving quick responses and showed a strong willingness to provide recommendations to enhance promotional products.
  • SwagDrop has shown great experience from well-structured expertise in the field.

What do they think the best products and services from SwagDrop are?

Experian loved creating swag packs for students; Mr. Margherio mentioned that he was super excited about how SwagDrop made recommendations and gave alternatives to make promotional products look better.

In addition, SwagDrop has helped Experian stay within budget, which is a great plus.

What is Experian’s Top Tip for Other Businesses 

Mr. Margherio loved how responsive SwagDrop is and how the company provides clear options, aiming to be helpful overall. 

Hence, a smooth process always seems to be the final outcome.

What Experian says about SwagDrop

“I have enjoyed working with SwagDrop; I love how responsive the company is and how they’re always helpful by providing enhancement recommendations. We’re looking forward to collaborating again for next summer’s interns in 2023 for another great round’’. 

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