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We make corporate gifting easy.

At the best of times corporate gifting can make you a basket case. Whatever the occasion or seadon, the perfect gift shouldn’t be so complicated and guess what, it’s not anymore!

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I've got a big problem right now, I have no idea where my customers and team are right now, all their address information is in different silos, hidden spreadsheets and in sales reps minds. I need some high-quality thoughtful gift sets yesterday.

Deep breaths... We've got this!

step 1

Step 1

Using our promotional process we help you pick the perfect gift for your audience.

step 2

Step 2

Don't have a current address to send your custom gift, no problem. We build your Pop-Up Shop in just days (not weeks), and you just need an email to send your gift box.

step 3

Step 3

We, or you, can communicate your gift offer to your community.

step 4

Step 4

They pick their perfect gift and enter their address where they are right now. Getting the exact sizing for wearable employee gifts is a snap. You can also easily personally monogram items such as journals.

step 5

Step 5

You set the time that your store offer expires. We collect and produce the gift orders, add a special note if you like and send away.

step 6

Step 6

Relax, celebrate, no spreadsheets, no late night boardroom kitting, it's done.


Corporate gifting is the giving of employee gifts or business gifts to customers or prospects of your business. The gifts are typically a physical item, has your brand on the item, and creates an immediate surprise and delight, a positive emotional reaction.

The gift also gives your business long-term repeat of impression exposure by users seeing your brand many times.

Building and deepening a strong relationship with your brand or company involves many factors. Just like your personal relationships, saying thank you—especially when unexpected—is extremely powerful. In our day-to-day lives we often forget to say thanks and sometimes think of our clients as a transaction and take them for granted.

Treat your staff and customers just as you would a personal relationship. Surprise them, thank them, with a gift that says that you know them and were thinking about them... and we are not talking about a 20% off flyer or gift card that disappears after use.

When starting to pick items, most of us start to quite naturally think of the products first—what kind of tumbler or wine gift can I get for my team.

The best gift idea is one that is most suited to your audience, not just one that you personally like. We covered some of the best steps to help choose custom gifts on our promotional products page.

When most people think of corporate gifts they think of gift baskets given at the end of the business year, perhaps at a holiday party or a large holiday like Mother's Day or Canada Day. Business gifts can use swag or branded merchandise designed to last longer around the user. We suggest using edible gourmet gifts in a supporting role as they quickly disappear.

The timing of the year-end gift basket or wine bottle has also changed. You need to think of how to engage and connect with goodies throughout the entire year.

With so many people working at home in different locations all across Canada, the gift box is certainly replacing the basket. More than ever, in our touchless society, people in your community need a virtual hug.

Give them something that they wouldn't necessarily buy, but speaks to them or the tribe they belong too. It's not about the shiny object on page two of your web search that is going to solve your client retention or growth challenges.

If your clients are rugged and outdoor types, think a Yeti water bottle. If your audience is focused on eco issues, consider eco-friendly gifts and pay attention to the little details such as the material for the gift box is recycled or can be re-used or re-purposed.

Yes, business gifts definitely help grow client relationships. Think of them as a building block to greater and deeper relationships. The more connected they feel to your business, the greater the opportunity to grow revenue over a lifetime relationship, and protect them from being stolen by competitors.

Every single gift box unboxing is an emotional touchpoint.

There is no specific dollar figure—a well thought out program with a cost effective keychain, tumbler, or phone accessory can be just as powerful as a promotional products program with a $50 Yeti or Swell bottle.

Your gift ideas must speak and connect in a positive way to the person receiving.

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