Tentree: Merch that Plants Trees (& Easily Tracks Your Impact)

A sustainable promotional gift sends a clear message that your organization values social and environmental responsibility. It positions you as […]

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A sustainable promotional gift sends a clear message that your organization values social and environmental responsibility.

It positions you as a corporation concerned with the right things in all aspects of your business. 

With the global increase in environmental consciousness, many individuals are actively opting to become green in many aspects of their lives.  

Since we’re all embracing the idea that environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility, it completely makes sense for companies to create eco-friendly branding materials to keep up with this vital green trend.

A Brief History of Tentree

In 2011, Kalen Emsley, a tree planter, contacted an old friend of his, David Luba, who was residing in Hawaii. 

Kalen eventually booked himself a ticket to Hawaii, and while there, the two of them were inspired to launch a clothing line that gave back to the planet they fell in love with on that Hawaii vacation. 

The next initiative was to get Kalen’s brother, Derrick Emsley, to join the firm as its CEO

The early support from Emsley’s hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan was enormous, and it provided them with an incredible launching pad to get Tentree off the ground.

Tentree believes that significant change begins with modest steps. 

Small things like taking your reusable bag to the grocery store, making fewer and more deliberate purchases, and choosing to buy responsibly when you do. 

Image Source: Tentree

The business has previously planted over 65 million trees and planted ten trees for every item bought to help rebuild ecosystems and provide employment in communities throughout the globe.

All Tentree items are built with an earth-first mindset, which means they are crafted in fair, safe working conditions and are made with only sustainably sourced and recycled materials. 

Moreover, Tentree’s incredibly soft materials and simple wardrobe essentials are normally available in sizes ranging from XS to XL.

Tentree has been re-greening the world with every purchase since its beginning, and owing to its dedicated client base, over 50 million trees have been planted in its honor.

Additionally, the brand collaborates with charitable organizations worldwide to plant trees and restore natural ecosystems.

These organizations include examples such as The Eden Project, which employs local villagers to plant millions of trees each year, and Plant with Purpose, which works in developing countries such as Haiti to improve the quality of life for people living in severe rural poverty.

Merch That Plants Trees

Dragons’ Den’s Bruce Croxon mentioned, “environment is not a fad” in Tentree’s episode of the show in March of 2012

Social entrepreneurship is a new form of entrepreneurship that exhibits characteristics of nonprofits, government, and businesses; it applies traditional entrepreneurship’s focus on innovation, risk-taking, and large-scale transformation to social problem-solving.” 

According to the Richard Ivey School case study, “Growing Tentree: Social Enterprise, Social Media, and Environmental Sustainability”, Tentree has a “social purpose first” business strategy

Image Source: Tentree

Their primary objective is to plant 10 trees for every product sold and to plant those trees in areas where they should have the most social and environmental benefits. 

They also don’t always concentrate on selling their items directly to customers, but rather on their goal

The messages they transmit are intended to inspire and educate people about the environment and the need for environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, Tentree’s ecological sustainability has been acknowledged and applauded for the use of effective technology not only in manufacturing but also in making the complete system of production and sale.

This also includes in-house production, making it more effective and efficient, and the organization uses technology to better interact and engage with its customers.

This entails acquiring the raw materials for the finished product. 

Moreover, the firm has chosen agents who work for the company in many nations and areas to obtain consistently high-quality raw materials so that the business can make the best products for delivery to customers.

Merch That Comes with a Tree Planting Impact QR Code

Every Tentree item comes with a unique QR “tree code” that marks the precise location of your 10 trees, which are planted within six months of buying.

You can follow your trees and see where they will be planted after registering your tree code.

So far, the initiative has been a considerable success; Tentree has planted approximately 61,614,000 trees since its beginnings a decade ago.

Movements like Tentree matter because our planet is our future, and action must be taken now

When such a brand becomes successful, it makes it possible for other businesses to be sustainable and prosperous at the very same time.

Furthermore, such initiatives create long-lasting relationships and impressions with consumers since consumer behavior has changed to be more responsible.

Ready to Drive Change with Environmentally Conscious Swag?  

If the sustainability revolution hasn’t yet touched your business, moving to more sustainable solutions might provide you with a significant competitive advantage. 

Go green now and drive change; you can gain an edge by leading rather than following.

Contact us to learn more about eco-friendly swag items and discuss a lot of cool options. 

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