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5 Wonderful Ways to Engage Employees That Work From Home

It’s no secret that technology has made a significant impact on the way people live their lives. This is especially […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

It’s no secret that technology has made a significant impact on the way people live their lives. This is especially true when it comes to how they work. After all, it’s now possible to work remotely from anywhere on earth, there are many powerful tools available, even one homegrown right here in Canada to provide omnichannel customer engagement.

The positive side of working from home is flexibility, along with the ability to save time and energy usually invested in your daily commute. On the negative side, employees can begin to feel disconnected from one other.

This article takes a look at ways businesses can engage employees while working from home. Keep reading to discover insight into employee engagement that will help create a more cohesive team for your company.

1. Reward Your Remote Workforce

It’s easy to feel isolated when working remotely. Rewards are a great way to reduce this feeling of isolation. 

For example, you can celebrate family accomplishments. This could include a child’s graduation from kindergarten or the adoption of a new family pet. The key is to use fun rewards to help everyone feel like a member of the corporate family.

Rewards could come in the form of any number of items, including paid time off, SWAG, as well as other types of promotional products that are fun and useful.

2. Make Video Calls Playful

As more and more employees interact through video calls, you should encourage them to still let their personalities shine. After all, half the fun of working at an office is interacting with each other, sharing a laugh, and being a part of one another’s lives. 

Have a talent show or a happy hour with creative cocktails and fun hors d’oeuvres. Find a way to get everyone involved and laugh together. This can provide the perfect stress relief, especially in the middle of a long work week.

3. Give Them a Sense of Belonging

If you want your employees to perform at their top level, each person needs to feel like more than a number. Thus it’s important to provide a sense of belonging. This can be challenging when working from home. 

A casual morning video meeting can be helpful, enabling everyone to catch up over coffee. Anything to help make everyone feel like a valuable part of the team.

Take advantage of video meeting to work on group projects, and assign projects to small teams as a tool for team-building. Start imagining a new business opportunity and let them work together to develop and implement it.

4. Focus On Open Communication

Whether working from home or the office, communication is key. Establish an employee survey and encourage the members of your team to provide honest feedback.

You can also encourage your HR department to provide virtual lunch and learns, where they keep the team updated on important corporate topics such as COVID response, etc.

5. Encourage Knowledge Sharing

When employees work from home, there can be a tendency to not share knowledge the same way they would at the office. And yet your corporate environment will still rely on the team being able to communicate as actively and openly as before. 

Establish a peer mentorship program to share learning and skillsets. This is especially important in corporate environments that experience frequent system upgrades and new software. Encourage employees to do additional e-learning and coursework that they can share with their teams. This will help them learn and grow together.

Managing your team remotely can be a challenge. Yet it’s also an opportunity for growth. 

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