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Promotional Products For Baking At Home Is Not Bananas!

Grain-based products account for 25% of the daily source of energy of an average Canadian. In case you were wondering, yes, such […]

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Grain-based products account for 25% of the daily source of energy of an average Canadian. In case you were wondering, yes, such products include bread.

With that kind of consumption, it’s no wonder that the nation’s Bakery sector hit a $6.9 million total revenue in 2018.

These figures highlight the fact that Canada has a love affair with baked goods. The homegrown show, “The Great Canadian Baking Show”, further proves this. It’s the most-watched factual CBC show, with an average viewer count of 1.4 million every week in Canada alone.

This is also why businesses have turned to baking supplies as promotional products. Especially now, with bakers’ essentials flying off shelves and selling like hotcakes.

The question now is, what makes these baking essential tools effective for branding? Which baking must-haves should your business invest in for the greatest impact?

This post will delve into the details of baking-related branded merchandise, so be sure to read on!

Why Baking Essentials Make for Great Promotional Products

In January 2019, Statistics Canada reported that only 8% of Canadians didn’t eat out in the past month. As for the rest who did, more than half dined away from home at least once a week.

That has quickly changed, however, now that almost everyone has to — and should — stay at home. So, with limited access to their fave bakeries, folks are spending more time in their kitchens.

The thing is, not everyone (especially those who used to eat out a lot) has a home filled with baking tools and gadgets.

This is where you can come to their rescue, by sending them something like a “care package”. In this case, it could be a stay-at-home-and-bake-your-own-bread box filled with baking tools. Another idea is to split the contents — half would be ingredients, the other half would be small tools.

Canadians baking up a storm is just one reason to send your clients baking essentials though. Here are a couple of other things that make such products great as promotional merch.

To Help Fill the Gap Left by Ingredient Shortage

Even before the current pandemic, Canada has already seen a shortage of wheat flour. The latest report (2017) revealed that wheat flour availability was 56.4 kg per person. That’s a 10.1% decrease from what was available per capita back in 2008.

The pandemic further cut down this availability. One flour maker reported that the demand for flour now is twice more than during peak seasons.

Even yeast, the primary dough raising agent, is becoming scarce throughout the nation.

So, just imagine the smile you can put on your customers’ faces if you send them such hard-to-get items. It’ll probably be as big as the cakes or as wide as the loaves that they’ll bake.

Because They Have Actual, Real-Life Use

Baking is an essential skill. In fact, the Ontario Government considers bakeries as an essential service.

That said, the recipients of your goodies are likely to keep practising the art and science of baking. Even after the lockdown, your clients are likely to keep using your promotional items. This, in turn, translates to long-term brand exposure.

Best Baking-Related Products to Include in Your “Care Package”

This will completely depend on your promotional product budget. At the very least, however, you should stick to any (or a mix) of the following.

The Base Ingredients

Flour, yeast, baking powder, baking soda, and sugar are the base ingredients of most baked goods. These are also the ingredients that keep disappearing from store shelves. That makes them an essential promotional product for Canada or Toronto consumers.

One way to turn these into promotional materials is to place them in branded containers. Of course, it’s best to go with high-quality, leak-proof food storage containers. This way, the ingredients won’t spill as they head to your valued clients’ homes.

In addition, the higher the quality of the container, the longer it will last. That means years of branding in your customers’ homes.

Measuring Tools

Unlike with cooking, you can’t just “sprinkle” or “add a dash” of whatever to a dough or batter. Baking is volume- or quantity-specific, so one needs to use exact measurements. Otherwise, the finished product will come out too soft, too hard, or still raw in the centre.

That said, using a regular coffee cup to measure dry or wet ingredients is a quick way to ruin a great recipe.

Make this process easier for your customers by giving away branded measuring tools. At the very least, include measuring cups and measuring spoons in your care package. If your budget allows for it, you may want to upgrade to a digital kitchen scale.

Hand Tools

Everyone has wooden spoons, but not everyone has baking spatulas. Silicon spatulas, in particular, are a must for scraping down batter or dough from the sides of a mixing bowl. Metal spatulas are great for evening out or applying frosting on cakes and pastries.

A whisk is another must-have for baking as well as cooking — one can even use it to make their own mayo or whipped cream! That said, go with a stainless-steel whisk if possible. It’s sturdier than plastic and better in incorporating air.

Rolling pins are also vital bread-making tools, as they shape, press, and even out the dough. They’re heavy, but you’ll find them in miniature versions — just right for the beginner baker.

Baking Pans

For your clients who have kids, go the extra mile and send them muffin pans and cookie cutters. Loaf pans, cookie sheets, cake pans, and baking trays are also easy to customise with your brand logo.

A Simple Recipe

Maybe your own family has an apple pie recipe handed down from generation to generation. Perhaps you, yourself, take pride in your own chocolate chip cookie recipe. You may also know one of, if not the best banana bread recipe packed with Canadian goodness.

Either way, including a simple yet delish recipe in your package is a great way to complete it. Leave a personalised note too, by addressing each of the recipients by name. Even something as simple as wishing them well can make you — and your brand — unforgettable.

Spread the Love for Baking While Turning Your Brand Into a Household Name

Remember: utility is one of the key hallmarks of effective promotional products. That’s why baking supplies, like branded gardening tools, make for awesome promotional merch.

So, as early as now, create a plan to send these care packages to your valuable clients! You may even want to consider throwing in a few branded face masks for an even greater impact.

Ready to get your brand name printed on these must-have baking tools and supplies? We here at Promotion Resource Group can help kickstart your project! Send us a message now so we can start helping your brand share and spread the love for baking.

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