How to Plan for Christmas in July (Never Too Early to Start Planning Christmas!)

Whether you’re looking forward to celebrating Christmas in July or just going with a traditional celebration at the end of […]

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Whether you’re looking forward to celebrating Christmas in July or just going with a traditional celebration at the end of the year, both occasions do require some planning from your end. 

That’s why this post is for you!

We don’t want you to worry about any upcoming events as we have you covered. 


In this post, we’re discussing:

  • What Christmas in July is
  • Celebrating Christmas in July in the office with 7 must-have branded products
  • How to plan for the holiday season in summer & why you should

Let’s get started!

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What is Christmas in July? 

Celebrate Christmas in July in the Office with 7 Must-have Branded Products

How to Plan for the Holiday Season in Summer & Why You Should

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is a summertime Christmas celebration. 

The event is based on Christmas-themed festivities to put people in the Christmas mood throughout July

Christmas in July is not a replacement for Christmas in December but rather an additional event. 

Plus, it’s not universally celebrated, but its popularity is rising; unlike many other occasions, Christmas in July has little cultural value.

More specifically, Fannie Holt invented Christmas in July, originally celebrated on July 24th and 25th, 1933, at Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina

This inaugural Christmas in July featured carolers, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gifts, and cotton snowfall.

Moreover, for most of the twentieth century, Christmas in July had nothing to do with family reunions. 

The event was mainly remembered for retail sales after WWII, and Christmas in July has changed in recent years to reflect the more classic Christmas festivities with family and friends.

Celebrate Christmas in July in the Office with 7 Must-have Branded Products

You can definitely turn your office into a full-on Christmas party!


The below items will fill the whole place with the right vibes.

1. Personalized planners

Customized planners are loved by everyone.

You can choose to go with a cool eco-friendly choice like the Eco Stone notebook with pen you see in the above image.

It also comes with a waterproof writing surface, which is a great bonus.

2. Tumblers

Tumblers are everyone’s best friend at work.

The Miir climate tumbler is exceptional as it comes with double-wall insulation, so whether your beverage is hot or cold, it will just remain the very same!

This item is very elegant, making it a beautiful Christmas gift; you can see that for yourself right here:

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Also, this item is made of sturdy stainless steel, taking it to the next level!

3. Festive snacks

Did anyone say festive snacks?

We’re definitely here for it as yummy snacks are always in!

This snack tower comes with individual candies and snacks wrapped in silver or gold, showcasing true holiday spirit!

4. Festive decorations

Festive decorations will amplify the holiday spirit by a hundred!

Feel free to use some desk decorations, fairy lights everywhere, and some cute small gnomes to get in the mood.

Also, adding a Christmas tree to the workspace while wearing some matching red T-shirts sounds just right!

5. Cooler

Coolers are highly practical gifts.

And what if we could combine a cooler and a backpack together to make it even better!

This Igloo lotus backpack cooler comes with an insulated and antibacterial lining that’s easy to clean and can hold up to 24 cans.

6. Cozy blanket

A cozy blanket can come in handy if the office gets a bit chilly.

The Slowtide throw blanket is made of 100% cotton and comes with a beautiful fringe. 

Plus, you can use it when celebrating Christmas in July outdoors. ?

7. Cocktail kit

What’s a party without some nice cocktails?

The twist gin & tonic craft cocktail kit is very compact and is compatible with any type of drink, so you don’t have to stick with gin.

How to Plan for the Holiday Season in Summer & Why You Should

Preparing yourself for the Christmas season early on will help you set the holiday mood and wave goodbye to any stress!

Hence, planning will help you and your business avoid surprises and on-the-spot situations.

Furthermore, preparing ahead in the summertime allows you to save money, look for various gift possibilities, and sort through what’s essential and not.

Business-wise, having a plan of action will give you and your company more time to focus on other things, such as providing excellent customer service and other important considerations.

Step #1: Create a holiday season gifting schedule

The Christmas season can rapidly become a budgetary nightmare when you combine increasing prices, limited availability, and customers’ concern about finding the appropriate presents. 

However, by beginning early, you can reduce the cost-effectiveness of the Christmas shopping season in your pocket.

Making a budget and gifting plan can be as easy as outlining your Christmas spending with an Excel spreadsheet or using a budgeting tool. 

Whatever strategy works best for you, it’s critical not to begin the new year in a deeper hole than you planned. 

If saving money is a priority, try using a cash-back credit card to save money right now.

Banks continue to issue massive credit card welcome offers, which might be an excellent way to earn a ton of points or cash back on your Christmas shopping.

Step #2: Partner with a reliable swag company

Partnering with a swag provider is essential if you want to produce, source, and distribute branded items that attract attention and effectively advertise your brand.

Some of the factors you should examine while selecting a trustworthy product seller are as follows:

  • Personalization and customization possibilities
  • Product quality
  • Product diversity
  • Shipping efficiencies
  • Customer service skills
  • Price
  • Case studies and prior projects

More precisely, you should assess each swag business’s skills and possibilities using numerous criteria, such as the customization choices they provide.

Overall, you can head to our checklist to look up all the criteria you need before choosing a swag partner to ensure you’re in safe hands.

Step #3: Pick meaningful branded products

It can seem straightforward to choose promotional products that customers like. 

Nonetheless, many businesses fail to think imaginatively about their promotional marketing strategies.

On the other hand, delivering a branded piece of swag that prospective consumers desire and will use will earn you more bang for your marketing budget.

According to ASI’s 2020 Ad Impressions research, 46% of consumers have a more positive perception of a business that distributes environmentally friendly promotional items

This indicates that consumers seek items that can help save the environment.

Furthermore, recipients retain and use branded clothing for around 14 months. 

That implies your brand is receiving more than a year of exposure because when individuals retain branded clothing for so long, it clearly indicates that it’s something they desire.

Moreover, is your family a key priority for you? If this is the case, you are not alone

When marketers express their love of children and pets, most consumers are thrilled, and that’s regardless of your audience’s demography; it’s quite probable that they have one or both. 

As a result, give away promotional items that your consumers can later give to their children or pets.

Step #4: Create your own swag pop-up shop (and let employees pick their gifts)

You need a provider who will give you valuable tools, such as the capacity to build your pop-up shop.

We let our customers go to our website and choose the business swag shop they wish to build.

Having a pop-up store allows you to gather and manage orders from various customers while also selling branded items that you have pre-approved.

Also, the benefit of swag pop-up stores is that they allow businesses to offer their employees easy access to purchasing internal swag while satisfying their corporate product and marketing needs.

Workers are able to select their gift options and check out easily

Moreover, employees can select their own sizes for any clothing item, including T-shirts, hoodies, coats, and any other size-based item, making the process of purchasing apparel much more convenient.

Step #5: Place your order for clients’ branded gifts 

Simply take a look around your own house or business; you’re likely to notice at least a few products that you got as a promotional freebie or as a Christmas present from someone with whom you do business. 

When deciding on the sort of product you want to include in your corporate swag, consider the amount of quality you can afford. 

A high-quality water bottle or personalized notepad will last far longer than cheaper options, demonstrating to your client that you mean business.

Your logo and company name should always be printed or stitched on promotional items, but you might take it a step further with some brilliant personalized touches. 

Adding a corporate phrase or motto along a zipper seam, for example, or getting swag in special colors associated with your brand.

In addition, this will always help personalize the finished product, and your customers will appreciate your thinking and attention to detail.

Now Over to You 

We hope our piece has made your upcoming planning process more manageable and inspired you to plan early.

Contact us to help you select the best holiday swag for your employees or clients

We have something for everyone, so we can’t wait to read your messages.

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