Customers are the lifeblood of every company

To be successful, you must understand your target market and their values and match your offerings to their demands. 

Regular trend research and communication go a long way toward understanding your target market, but Get to Know Your Customers Day is one of the finest tools you can use to learn about your customers.

So, we have created this post for you to make this event a success. 

Let’s jump right in.

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What Is Get to Know Your Customers Day? 

When Is Get to Know Your Customers Day? 

5 Ideas for Meaningful Customer Gifts

6 Ideas for Fun & Thoughtful Activities with Customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Get to Know Your Customers Day?

Get to Know Your Customers Day is a special day that encourages business owners and companies to reach out to their customers and get to know them personally. 

Businesses that get to know their consumers learn more about what they need to grow

So make sure to ask all the necessary questions!

For example, what issues have your existing customers experienced in the last year? 

Is there anything specific about your company that helped them address those problems or at least make their lives a little easier? 

What are your consumers’ favorite aspects of your items and services, and what might you add or enhance to make them even better?

When Is Get to Know Your Customers Day?

The holiday is held on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, and October).

Future dates for the occasion:


  • January 19, 2023
  • January 18, 2024
  • January 16, 2025
  • January 15, 2026
  • January 21, 2027
  • January 20, 2028
  • January 18, 2029


  • April 21, 2022
  • April 20, 2023
  • April 18, 2024
  • April 17, 2025
  • April 16, 2026
  • April 15, 2027
  • April 20, 2028
  • April 19, 2029


  • July 21, 2022
  • July 20, 2023
  • July 18, 2024
  • July 17, 2025
  • July 16, 2026
  • July 15, 2027
  • July 20, 2028
  • July 19, 2029


  • October 20, 2022
  • October 19, 2023
  • October 17, 2024
  • October 16, 2025
  • October 15, 2026
  • October 21, 2027
  • October 19, 2028
  • October 18, 2029

When it comes to the holiday’s exact roots, that remains uncertain, although some sources link it back to the early days of the e-commerce boom when brick-and-mortar businesses sought to find strategies to prevent losing business and customer engagement to online businesses and stores. 

While the retail and service industries have changed since then, the concepts that prompted the founding of Getting to Know Your Customers Day remain relevant

For example, according to Microsoft’s 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, 78% of respondents appreciate organizations that ask and react to customer input. 

This results in increased brand loyalty as a result of customer relationships and customer experience being prioritized. 

5 Ideas for Meaningful Customer Gifts

Everyone loves a good freebie!

The below items will definitely impress your customers and will leave a long-lasting touch. 

Gift idea #1: Palmer double-wall stainless bottle

This palmer double-walled vacuum-insulated bottle keeps your drinks cooler or hotter for a longer period.

It’s also composed of 18/8 stainless steel and has a sweatproof style.

Gift idea #2: Revive mesh zippered tote

The Revive mesh zippered tote combines style with practicality.

The sports mesh detail on the compartment allows your workout gear to breathe, and the shoulder straps act as storage straps.

Gift idea #3: Osprey Arcane medium zip pouch

The Osprey Arcane medium zip pouch can hold anything from cash and chapstick to charging cords and earphones.

This item also comes with internal drop pockets, which is a great plus.

Gift idea #4: Aviana Poppy 4-pack stainless straw set

This item makes the perfect eco-friendly choice

This poppy 4-pack stainless steel straw set comes with 4 reusable straws with silicone caps, a cleaning brush, and a travel pouch.

Gift idea #5: Vacuum-insulated camp cup

Regardless of the temperature of your drink, this vacuum-insulated camp cup will not sweat or feel hot to the touch.

The 18/8 medical grade stainless steel doesn’t impart flavor or leave a metallic aftertaste in the mouth.

6 Ideas for Fun & Thoughtful Activities with Customers

Do you want to improve your customer relationships or enhance new customer ties? 

Here are six ideas that we believe are just fantastic overall to take this occasion to the next level. 

1. Encourage candid feedback for a reward

Asking your consumers what they think is one of the best ways to get to know them. 

There are various approaches you may take, but you should have a strategy in place before you begin. 

Create a Get to Know Your Customers Day survey to distribute online, in-store, or in context (for example, when they are shopping on your website).

Allow survey respondents to be as specific as they are motivated to be, but don’t push the topic. 

Furthermore, online surveys, in particular, lose participation if they are excessively long or difficult.

Allow them to voice their ideas, and most importantly, ask them what you might do better, what products or services they’d like to see, or parts of your business that can benefit from an improvement.

Moreover, involving clients in your next chapter is the perfect opportunity to keep them engaged, particularly if you incorporate their suggestions. 

Nothing conveys “I appreciate you” like putting their ideas into action!

 2. Promote the launch of a new rewards program 

Get to Know Your Customers Day is the perfect time to create a customer loyalty program if you don’t currently have one. 

Announce the debut of your new loyalty program ahead of time and promote sign-ups on the day of the event. 

Also, make sure to provide additional points or bonuses for new sign-ups or double loyalty points for purchases made that day.

Encourage your clients to create a complete customer profile so you can personalize their rewards experience and enhance your customer relationship management process.

In addition, some people may want to convert their points into cheaper services, while others may prefer free products or upgrades.

3. Use social media

Use this national day to promote your social media platforms to your customers

Encourage people to interact with you by liking, following, and sharing your content. 

You can also organize a contest on your social media accounts that require users to like and share a certain post, as social media networks are excellent tools for marketing.

Take advantage of the opportunities to communicate with your target market via these channels and utilize them to provide value to your small company. 

You can also solicit recommendations from your followers in order to expand your consumer base. 

They may either mention pals who might be interested or just tag them in a post or a hashtag. 

Keep in mind that companies and entrepreneurs with a consistent social media presence have a higher chance of developing stronger consumer connections

Inviting customers to evaluate your product and customer service on social media increases the likelihood that company owners will pay personal attention and take steps to enhance their offerings

This goes both ways for small business owners or corporations on a larger scale.

4. Encourage employees to participate 

When it comes to getting to know your customers, your employees are a tremendous resource; they are the face of your company and deal with customers on a regular basis. 

Customers can feel more at ease providing both positive and negative comments to staff than to upper management.

Hence, you can create a list of questions that workers can ask customers other than “how are you?” on Get to Know Your Customer Day. 

Then, have staff record their replies so they may be evaluated later. 

You can also encourage workers to ask these questions by rewarding those who get the most replies or provide the most meaningful comments and customer reviews.

5. Give something back

People nowadays choose to pick brands based on shared ideals. 

Customers are more concerned than ever about how you showcase yourself, your production practices, and how you treat your staff, so it’s critical that you let them know where you stand.

Therefore, getting engaged is a terrific way to demonstrate that you understand what is important to your consumers, but giving back in their name takes it to the next level.

So, consider this: What issues do your consumers care about? 

It might be anything from a community endeavor, such as a school music program or sports team, to affordable housing, the local children’s hospital, clean water programs, carbon offsets, planting a tree, or anything else you can think of. 

Moreover, you can declare your cause and promise to give a part of your monthly sales and repeat purchases to it. 

Take it a step further by inviting consumers to donate and matching their amount. There is no finer feeling than being a member of a larger-than-life movement. 

If your company provides the spark for that movement, it will create a strong feeling of community that’s here to stay; it’s a meaningful moment, and it also shows your consumers that you’re paying real-time attention.

6. Personally thank your most loyal customers

A personal “thank you” is a memorable gesture. 

Your best customers deserve to know they’re a part of your business’s success, and there are few better ways to show them than with a unique, emotional token of your gratitude.

If possible, attempt to contact each one individually by phone, email, or letter. 

The important thing is to make it personal, so if you’re sending cards, handwrite each one. 

It’s a rare gesture in the digital era that will help you stand out as someone who cares.

Furthermore, if you’re sending an email, you may add a coupon code or ask for feedback to help you improve your services and any business-related pain points. 

Everyone wants to be heard; you just need to open the door and listen to what your customer base has to say. 

Now Over to You

Aside from the more well-known holidays that have regular spots on your calendar, there are several additional important days throughout the year that should be observed. 

On Get to Know Your Customers Day, we should recognize our customers and the value they provide to our businesses

You can go all out with extravagant festivities and free presents, or you can keep it modest and private, as appreciation remains the most important key of all.

If you have any further questions or need help customizing any promo items, feel free to reach out anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day?

You can have a customer celebration for the occasion, send thank you cards, offer discounts, start birthday gift programs, and even create virtual social media events. 

Q2. What is the importance of Customer Appreciation Day?

Customer appreciation day can contribute to client satisfaction, and a satisfied customer is more likely to not only return but also spread the word about your brand.

This will aid in the development of your brand’s reputation as a trustworthy business. 

Q3. What are some activities you could do with customers to show that you care?

You can give your customers product discounts, offer them swag items, send flowers, or offer free consultations to show that you care and enhance your relationship management.

Q4. What are some good customer gifts?

The below items make good customer gifts:

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